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My Apologies to the Optimists

Posted on | November 3, 2010 | 16 Comments

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — When I left Boca Raton at 3 a.m., I’d hoped to make it to the vicinity of Orlando before finding a cheap motel to crash in. But I was so tired and brain-fogged, I only made it a few dozen miles up I-95 before I began to get that nodding-off feeling, so I’m here. Woke up after four hours, got some breakfast, and now I’m about to go back to bed.

Before I crash again, however, I’d like to acknowledge that my pre-election gloom — fearing that polls had encouraged conservatives to over-estimate the size of the GOP “wave” — was unjustified. I was wrong, and the optimists were right. Jim Geraghty reports that Republicans have scored a net gain of at least 60 House seats, and possibly as many as 71.  (Better make that 70, Jim. It appears that Raul Grijalva managed to steal enough votes to defeat Ruth “Rocket Girl” McClung.)

Also, I owe beers to Joe Marier and John Fund for a couple of election wagers.

While I’ve been traveling, I’ve missed out on lots of important news: Demi Lovato became the latest Disney princess to enter rehab, and Miley Cyrus’s mom got busy with Bret Michaels.

Oh, yeah: And the president held a press conference today.

So there will be lots of catching up to do when I wake up. Please hit the tip jar, so I can afford to get back home.

UPDATE: Duh! Did I say “brain fogged”? Yeah, I forgot to link my American Spectator column about Allen West’s big win last night.

UPDATE II: More news I missed last night: Michelle Bachmann asked Chris Matthews, “Hey, how’s that leg-tingling thing workin’ for ya?”

UPDATE III: Sorry to keep updating like this — I swear, I’m going back to bed in a few minutes — but Bill Kristol has some interesting thoughts on the “What Does It Mean?” question. He suggests the possibility that Russ Feingold will mount an anti-war primary challenge to Obama in 2012.

Probably wishful thinking there, but something else in Kristol’s column shows how being on the scene of a big victory like last night’s Allen West party can obstruct one’s view of the larger picture. Kristol mentions the significance of Pat Toomey’s victory in Pennsylvania.

Hell, the last time I saw the results on the big-screen TV in the ballroom of the Boca Raton Marriott, Toomey was losing, and I figured it was over. Also, I lost track of results in several House races I’d previously covered. In New York, for example, it looks like Ann Marie Buerkle lost narrowly in the 25th District, and Maurice Hinchey beat George Phillips by about 5 points in the 22nd District. On the bright side, Richard Hanna won in the 22nd District and Nan Hayworth won in the 20th District (where my buddy Chris Cassone lives).

In Pennsylvania, Tom Marino won in the 10th District, but Tim Burns lost narrowly in the 12th. There was good news for my friends in Illinois, where Phil Hare got beat by Bobby Schilling in the 17th District, Adam Kinzinger won in the 11th District  and it looks like Joe Walsh has squeaked out a win over Melissa Bean in the 8th District. In Missouri, Vicky Hartzler defeated Ike Skelton in the 4th District.

Lots of Democrat “Blue Dogs” got beat in the South and, in general, a look at the map now shows a lot of Republican red, even in the Northeastern and Midwest states where the GOP was supposed to be dead. It was the biggest Republican congressional pickup in decades — even bigger than the historic 1994 “Contract With America” victory.

And you were the wave. Congratulations.


16 Responses to “My Apologies to the Optimists”

  1. Mike
    November 3rd, 2010 @ 4:15 pm

    We would have had a majority in the Senate if “we” hadn’t invested so much time and energy promoting flawed candidates in NV, DE, and CO. So what if they’re not with us on some minor points, no one out there is exactly complaining about Brown’s victory in MA, are they? The fact remains that candidates for the Senate are still elected locally, and can and should reflect the mood and interests of the people in their respective states. That, my friends, is what an honest and real riehl view is!

    In any case, Stacy, if you’re in the Central Florida area later today or this evening give me a holler. I left Marco’s party last night around 9PM and made it to Scott’s in Lauderdale in time for some in the local media to call it, only to backtrack when Sink refused to concede and give Scott his just rewards. On the drive back up late this morning I listened to Sink finally concede and make Rick Scott our Governor-Elect. Good times in Florida….and when you look at turnout predictions versus actual turnout you’ll find a lot to be thankful for. The GOP and Republican campaigns statewide finally learned something from the other side when it comes to getting their ground-game and GOTV efforts to work.