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Herman Cain ‘Re-Assessing’ Campaign

Posted on | November 29, 2011 | 129 Comments

Suggestion for Mr. Cain: Fire whoever it was on your staff who left me off the conference call to which Robert Costa was invited:

“Over the next several days, we are going to continue with the schedule as usual,” he said. “I’ve got a major speech tonight at Hillsdale College on national security and foreign policy and I will deliver it with vim, vigor, and enthusiasm. And then tomorrow we’ve got some media appearances scheduled. So we’re going to continue until we complete our assessment over the next several days.”
“But if a decision is made, different than to plow ahead, you all will be the first to know,” he said. “So until that time, I want to continue to thank you all for your support, thank you for your prayers. It’s taken an emotional toll, but the people in the audience tonight will never know it.”

Accusations by hyper-litigious bankrupt divorceés? No biggie.

Leaving me off a key conference call? That could be serious trouble.

I’ve got to go get a pack of smokes and cool my temper.

Maybe some updates after that.

UPDATE: OK, got my smokes, plus cheeseburgers, fries and a Hershey almond bar — comfort food, which I needed badly, as well as a cup of decaf coffee. Thanks to Don Surber for the link, as well as to Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom, who says:

Time to wake up, people. Bachmann is still out there. So is Santorum. And both of them would whip Obama in any debate.

Made a few phone calls while I was out. Thanks to all the friends whose ears I blistered with my rants. I needed to vent.

Maybe I need a nap now.

UPDATE II: “When the going gets weird, the weird get pissed.” Yeah. Then the weird say, “Hit the freaking tip jar.” And take a nap.



  • Anonymous

    LOL …. takin classes in psychiatry are ya?

    don’t give up your day job BC


    (((( GROUND OPENING UP ! )))) 2012


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  • Anonymous

    VOTE ROGUE? Did she change her mind?

    Or are you you going to vote for someone not on the ticket?

    Who are you serving?

  • Anonymous

    The People are gonna do the VOTING ROGUE

    ROILING the ground ahead and ROCKING the Status Quo Boat in expectation of

    (((( EARTHQUAKE ! )))) 2012

    I serve The Truth BC, what about you?

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  • Anonymous

    God and country… Not a person

  • Anonymous

    hmmm …. not familiar with John 14 v 6 then BC?

    oh, perhaps you are Jewish and so are not familiar with the Brit Hadashah (the New Covenant)

    or …. which ‘god’ is it for you BC?

    mine is The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, you know, the whole Shebang … even Time itself

    He’s the One who inhabits Eternity, The Eternally- Existent One (I AM THAT I AM) … The Alpha and the Omega… knows the Beginning and The End

  • Anonymous

    Are you sure your god is not Palin… Who do you serve the most?

  • Anonymous

    It surprises me that you would result to the same tactics the LSM use on Palin.

    “Mark Levin tweets that he has Michelle “US Embassy in Tehran” Bachmann on his show right now”

    Levin is about to support Bachmann, and so is Palin… Like Beck, like Pamela Gellar, like Dick Morris, like Michelle Malkin, like L

    You can come help us out when she does…

    I don’t believe things just happen. There a billions of people in this world and you and I have been brought together for a reason.

    We both love two good — Godly — women, because we think that they are the key to saving our country.

    it could turn out that we are both right somehow.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think many Conservatives would have confidence in MB being Commander-in-Chief (and I’m one of them, she didn’t know that there has not been an Embassy in Tehran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979 – that is scary)

    We shall see who comes out and supports MB ….. Beck may, he’s quite quirky – don’t know about Levin

    we shall see

    meanwhile Gov Palin and Associates are doing the heavy lifting to actually RESCUE America

    Let’s ROIL Patriots!

    Let’s ROCK that Status Quo Boat! and start tipping out those PPC Malefactors who have been shafting The American People for decades!

    (((( GROUND OPENING UP ! )))) 2012

    (and swallowing those Ne-er-do-Wells WHOLE *__*)

  • Anonymous

    Did you misunderstand before BC? I said I serve The Truth

    are you familiar with the Bible? Look up John’s Gospel, Ch 14, verse 6

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile Palin is not running… BUT…

    The backing of Bachmann is hitting tsunami levels…

    Palin is about to endorse the Darling of the Teaparty… Michele Bachmann

    It is one L

  • Anonymous

    This has gotten over four thousand hits…

    She is about to endorse Bachmann

  • Anonymous


    didn’t you hear Gov Palin tell Hannity tonight that she wasn’t gonna endorse in the Primary? … that her endorsement wasn’t important?


    Do you know whether MB has her own teeth? … cos she might be grinding them right now …. if they’re false it should be ok, but if they are her own … well … best warn her to cease and desist I reckon … if she doesn’t wanna be fitted with falsies in the future that is


  • Anonymous

    She said not yet in the primary… Watch it again.

    She is about to… In the next two or three weeks

  • Anonymous


    didn’t you watch Hannity talk with Gov Palin tonight?

    MB will have to get more than 50 people to her Rallies if anyone is to take notice of her Candidacy

  • Anonymous

    Lol… She is going to win Iowa. Like she did in the straw poll, now that Cain and Perry are gone.

    You are going to end up campaigning for her

    You might as well start now

    Palin is about to

  • Anonymous

    and she said her endorsement isn’t important

    yeah riiiiight

    what will MB do when it becomes clear that Gov Palin won’t endorse her ? (I can’t figure out why you would even expect it, cos MB has zero Exec Exp, and Gov Palin clearly stated that such is a non-negotiable criterion for her)

    I suppose The Mitt$ter will keep funding the SUPERPAC to keep MB’s candidacy alive … until … she is no more any use to him

  • Anonymous


    oh my – are you MB’s staunchest supporter do you think, BC?


  • Anonymous


    Just one of many

    Don’t Tread On Bachmann: Tea Party Launches Twitter Counter Strike On Fallon’s Band

  • Anonymous


    Mark Levin Interviews Michele Bachmann And Tells Her She Would Make A Hell Of A President

  • Anonymous

    what an encouragement from Mark for your Michelle BC!


    you’ll sleep well tonight


  • Anonymous

    I am not such a bad guy…

    For whatever reason, I am just usually ahead of the curve.

    They will come together — her and Palin — and I am going to make you the administrator of my soon to be MB/SP site. Because you are a true Patroit, who will fight like hell to save our country when that happens. It will take both of them to defeat Obama.

    When you see Bachmann surging in the polls, like I have predicted weeks before anyone, remember what I have said here. And know that things happen for a reason.

  • Anonymous

    Come find me when it happens… I am going to leave you alone until you do 😉

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