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Ashley Judd Makes Cruel and Tasteless Jokes About Abortion in Political Video

Posted on | April 29, 2012 | 116 Comments

Barren middle-aged actress Ashley Judd in scene from
‘Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign’ video

When last we heard from bitter, childless, menopausal Ashley Judd, the over-the-hill ex-starlet gave us a feminist lecture about how she was being victimized by the oppressive gossip-blog patriarchy.

Last week, however, Judd joined forces with three more attractive actresses — fellow Hollywood liberals Michelle Trachtenberg, Katy Mixon and Eliza Coupe — in a video mocking Rick Santorum’s decision to end his presidential campaign by comparing it to an abortion:

“Oh, Mr. Santorum, take a seat. I understand you’d like to terminate your candidacy. . . . If you weren’t mature enough to carry your candidacy to term, you shouldn’t have engaged in the risky behavior that began it.”

Jennifer Hartline at Catholic Online is outraged:

The stars of the “choice” universe have gone way beyond their worn-out euphemisms and are now embracing shameless mockery. Ashley Judd and crew have made a video that mocks the act of killing babies in the womb. They mock the violence of stopping the heartbeat of a child. What a hilarious analogy they’ve drawn by comparing an abortion to Rick Santorum’s suspended Presidential campaign, if you’re someone who finds dead babies and wounded mothers hilarious. Apparently they do. . . .
So this is what we’ve come to? This is the present and future of “feminism” in America? Women openly mocking the deaths of their own children; deaths fought long and hard for; deaths campaigned and paid for; deaths celebrated as “freedom” and “rights” for women? I’d say that’s officially the bottom, folks. There’s nowhere lower to sink. That’s as pathetic and wicked as it gets.

It is customary, on certain feminist blogs, to include “trigger warnings” before discussion of topics such as sexual assault that may prompt emotional reactions caused by psychologically traumatic memories. Therefore, in consideration of the millions of women suffering from Post-Abortion Syndrome, I offer a “trigger warning” for this video which was — oh, just by the way — directed by a man, Andy Maxwell:

Rick Santorum Aborts Presidential Campaign from Ashley Judd

Jill Stanek notes that Bill O’Reilly recently “dedicated a segment of his show to Judd, predicting her career would certainly suffer for her overt support of abortion,” but forgive me for suspecting that Judd’s suffering is more personal than professional.

We’re two weeks away from Mother’s Day, and no child will ever give the adamantly pro-abortion Ashley Judd a Mother’s Day gift.

Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.
Deuteronomy 30:19 (KJV)

Exit Question: Are women who celebrate abortion as a positive good attempting to compensate for unacknowledged psychological trauma and/or deep-seated feelings of personal inadequacy?



Click here to buy an “Abortion Is Mean” T-shirt with this powerful message on the back:

You will not silence my message.
You will not mock my God.
You will stop killing my generation.

My six children have all worn that T-shirt. Your kids should, too.

UPDATE: Linked by SarahNet and by Donald Douglas at American Powerthanks! — while Lisa Graas says:

On the bright side, Ashley Judd has given me many opportunities to show my two daughters what a complete failure looks like.

UPDATE II: Thoughtful words from Daria DiGiovanni:

Regardless of your position on abortion, how anyone can gleefully spin it as anything other than a tragedy for both mother and child is beyond my comprehension, especially since I know a handful of women personally who’ve been absolutely traumatized by this grisly procedure.

This is just basic: Leave aside entirely any consideration of politics or law, and think of the dreadful human misery involved. Abortion clinics are not happy places where good things happen. It is therefore easy to understand why so many people are emotionally outspoken against abortion. What is utterly incomprehensible is how anyone other than the most heartless sadists could be passionately pro-abortion.



  • Rich Vail

    What, no mention about her TV show where she’s an “action heroine” trying to get her “son” back? 

    I told friends that she made an unconvincing heroine…and I didn’t see the show being a success…don’t know if it’s still on, don’t care.

    Rich Vail
    Pikesville, MD

  • Bob Belvedere

    The worst emotion I can have for another Human Being is pity – and I pity Mzz. Judd.  She isn’t even worthy of being despised.

  • Bob Belvedere

    They have whatever Old Scratch decides to give ’em [see: Eden, The Garden Of].

  • Bob Belvedere

    ‘Pathetic’ is a good descriptor.

  • Bob Belvedere

    From Wikipedia:
    Later that year, in 1459, Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II sent envoys to Vlad to urge him to pay a delayed Jizya
    (tax on non-Muslims) of 10,000 ducats and 500 recruits into the Ottoman
    forces. Vlad refused, because if he had paid the ‘tribute’, as the tax
    was called at the time, it would have meant a public acceptance of
    Wallachia as part of the Ottoman Empire. Vlad, just like most of his
    predecessors and successors, had as a primary goal to keep Wallachia as
    independent as possible. Vlad had the Turkish envoys killed on the
    pretext that they had refused to raise their “hats” to him, by nailing
    their turbans to their heads.

  • Lady Liberty 1885

    Nicely played, Ms. Judd. I’ll be sure to purge my library of your videos.

  • Tennwriter

    In the Culture Wars….
    1. A lot of really bad stuff is financed by gov’t cheese.  Nobody but an idiot without taste or a partisan philistine would support a lot of the stuff so you the taxpayer get too (and this should offend the Libertarian, the Socon, and the Artist).  This creates an impression that this junk is more popular than it is which helps push a bandwagon effect.Response: Look for some way to dramatize that the poor guy is paying for Stupid Tasteless Glitz (that makes it offensive on multiple levels).

    2. Most or practically all of the socon issues are more popular than their opposites.  Border Control vs. Open Immigration for one.Response: Clearly state this until we have people stop saying that socon issues are a drag on the vote.  The opposite is largely true.

    3. Conservative pols need to attack across the whole spectrum of Conservatism.  I don’t think Rick’s responses was so much the problem as was the tendency of Certain Unnamed People to stick their knives in his back, and then whine when he fought back.
    Response: More agression. Ride through them!

    4. Overall the problem is the Right is defensive, both in whimpering gutlessness, and in stance.  We instead need to find a way to attack the Left in a way that makes them defend their territory, and embarrasses them.Its good to fight gay marriage, but better to attack No Fault Divorce.This is the place where we need to Be Breitbart.  If you had ten k, and four helpers, how would you go about planting a big cream pie in the Left’s face?

  • Pathfinder’s wife

    Vlad didn’t have entitlement reform — he merely punished those peasants he suspected to be loyal to the boyars/merchants who plotted against him, or the ones who had become loyal to the Turks.
    Everybody else he really didn’t treat any better or worse than his contemporaries — hence why he is actually an heroic character of Romanian folklore now rather than seen as an evil monster.

  • Windtalker9

    I feel sorry for her mother and sister who do not adhere to this kind of nonesense. The best thing we can do is hit them where it hurts the most and that is in the pocketbook. Dont support any movies or tv shows that they,re in. We can let them know most of America will not tolerate this bologna.

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  • Jean Grace

    I agree with what you are trying to say. But the rude and mean way you are saying it does not add to your cause. You are coming at it with arrogance instead of the compassion that we should have for lost souls. Calling her bitter and barren was very mean and not at all Christian-like. Reevaluate the way you carry the message of Christ, don’t stoop to this level.

  • Jean Grace

    Responding with rage and vile words is not wise. 

    Proverb 18: 21  “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

     If you represent Him who is the way the truth and the life, speak in such manner. Or else you are standing on your own might.

  • Jess B

    Is one who has a miscarriage guilty of manslaughter?  Should there be an investigation?

  • joethefatman

     do not try to equate a miscarriage to the deliberate murder of a baby.

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