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Cherokee People, Cherokee Tribe: Elizabeth Warren Can’t Hide Her Lies

Posted on | September 4, 2012 | 12 Comments

Princess Fauxcahantas, the alleged 1/64th Native American, will give a major speech at the Democrat National Convention in North Carolina, ancestral homeland of the Cherokee to whom she implausibly claims kinship. Heap big trouble, Elizabeth Warren:

Elizabeth Warren can’t escape her Cherokee heritage controversy even at this gathering of loyal Democrats, as a contingent of skeptical American Indian delegates — including the great-grandson of Geronimo — are inviting Warren to a meeting tomorrow to explain her ancestry claims.
“I think she owes us that, she owes the Native American community here at least that,” said Stephen Lewis, a member of the Gila River Indian community. “That would go a long way in dispelling that question.” . . .
[M]any of them expressed anger that Warren listed herself as an American Indian minority in law school directories without any proof.
“If you are native, there is no doubt, and if one has to research to try and ascertain if they are Native American, I would have great concerns with that and I think naturally I would just wonder if that was a vehicle she would want to use to her benefit,” said Frank LeMere, an American Indian activist of the Nebraska Winnebago Tribe. “If that is the case, shame on her.”

The most recent poll — by a Democrat firm, no less — shows Warren losing by five points to Scott Brown. It takes a special kind of stupid for a Democrat to lose a statewide race in Massachusetts. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection explains:

Warren has claimed internet fame for her famous “no one got rich on his own” speech which was the foundation for Obama’s “you didn’t build that” speech. Warren holds herself out as a fraud fighter, and her campaign theme is “Accountability.”
Yet Warren has yet to accept accountability for falsely claiming to be Cherokee during key moments in her career, starting in the mid-1980s when she started listing herself as Native American in order to appear on the “Minority Law Teachers” list in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools. That directory put the law school community, including recruiters, on notice of Warren’s alleged minority status.

That is to say, Warren’s flimsy assertion of affirmative-action victimhood — the blondest “minority” imaginable — gave her twofer status in quota-conscious academia. As both female and minority, her stolen claim to ancestral oppression helped Warren jump to the head of the application line at elite Ivy League law schools. Legal Insurrection produced this awesome video — watch it:

You know why Warren is losing in Massachusetts? Because there are a lot of hard-working folks in Massachusetts whose kids never got a chance to go to Harvard, and the sight of this wealthy blonde woman gaining privilege by exploiting a phony claim to victimhood makes them very, very angry.