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The Final Push in South Carolina: Candidate Showdown at Aunt Chilada’s

Posted on | April 1, 2013 | 10 Comments

It’s about 100 miles to Hilton Head and took me more than two hours today, but I wanted to be there for this event:

Republicans crowded into a Hilton Head restaurant Monday afternoon to hear Republican congressional candidates Curtis Bostic and Mark Sanford discuss issues in their final meeting before Tuesday’s runoff in the 1st District special election.
The two candidates took questions for more than an hour during the “First Monday” forum at Aunt Chilada’s, a day before voters in the Lowcountry district choose the GOP nominee who will face Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Bush in the May 7 special election to fill the House seat vacated by the appointment of Tim Scott to the Senate. . . .

You can read the whole thing. The big national news from SC-1 today was that Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch scrubbed her Twitter account, perhaps in an effort to hide messages that would estrange Republican voters. What does this mean? If Sanford wins Tuesday, Democrat think Colbert Busch can peel off some GOP voters disgusted with Sanford.

The potential for a backlash against Republicans if they nominate Sanford is a factor his supporters refuse to acknowledge. Dana Pico at First Street Journal sees it:

Mr. Sanford’s affair is not the disqualifying issue for me. Rather, the problem is that he showed terrible, terrible judgment in thinking he could get away with his actions, and he abandoned his post!
He abandoned his post. That is disqualifying. . . .
The way he did it, just taking off, virtually guaranteed that the whole smarmy thing would become known; sitting Governors don’t just take off like that. If he had somehow thought that he would get away with it, he’s an idiot. That stupidity alone makes him a lousy candidate; abandoning his post makes him a completely unacceptable one.

 Democrats have a poll showing Colbert Busch leading in this district. Do voters really want to make these cute kids cry?