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Diana West Dissed by David Horowitz?

Posted on | August 8, 2013 | 72 Comments

Regular readers will remember the shocking revelation — “‘A Conspiracy So Immense’ — Was FDR Aide Harry Hopkins a Soviet Agent?” — from Diana West’s new book, American Betrayal. Now comes disturbing news from Diana that David Horowitz’s FrontPage Magazine has removed a favorable review of her book from that site and replaced it with what she calls a “massive hit piece” by Ron Radosh.

Radosh and Horowitz are friends from way back, and I’m sure this influenced the decision, but . . . c’mon, really?

It’s not the first time Radosh has slammed conservative authors. Years ago, Thomas Woods’ Politically Incorrect Guide to American History came under similar assault, and I know Woods was furious about that. But that was one of those typical neo-vs.-paleo dust-ups, and I chalked up that episode as mere sectarian infighting.

Radosh’s hostility to West is more difficult to fathom, because she is a Movement Conservative in good standing. One might think that Horowitz would have looked at Radosh’s savage review of West’s book and said, “Ron, could you tone it down a bit? Do we really need to have this fight?” This could turn into an damaging feud.

And just to make clear, I’m on Diana West’s side all the way in this one, because I remember how Diana stood up for Pamela Geller when Charles Johnson went on the warpath against Pamela.

There’s more that friendship involved, however. American Betrayal demands a conservative re-appraisal of our understanding of FDR’s foreign policy, and indeed to re-examine many basic assumptions about mid-20th-century history. If Harry Hopkins was a Soviet agent . . . Well, finish that sentence however you will.

The very fact that there could be any suspicion about the loyalty of such a key presidential aide is mind-boggling.

Please read Diana’s article at, “Did the Roosevelt Administration Send Uranium and Other Atomic Materials to Stalin?



  • K-Bob

    I was going to go straight off and buy her book (I don’t do “politics” books, like say Hannity’s or Limbaugh’s, but this is history, man!).

    But then I noticed someone hijacked the links in here and removed the crucial link to Amazon with Stacy’s associates ID.

    I think a nasty note to the department of screwups and missteps is in order. Make them also include a link to M. Stanton Evans’ book titled: “Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion of Roosevelt’s Government”

    …Which also mentions the connection Diana West is exploring in depth.

    Then I can go get these on my Kindle.

  • K-Bob

    Firefox + adblock

    It’s the only way to go

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  • SteveBayrd

    West has proved to me time and again she’s the real deal and a fine investigator. While I rely on many of Horowitz’s offerings, too, allowing this baloney shows he’s getting tired or senile. When combined with Amity Schlaes’ The Forgotten Man, the Venona Project output that the media ignored, revelations from KGB files before Russia stopped access, and Robert K. Wilcox’s compelling investigation in Target: Patton, one sees the depth of Soviet infiltration in America’s highest levels that set the stage for our current socialist tyrannical precipice. Great piece, RSM.

  • bruce

    Is West really saying that Churchill was working for Stalin? Really?

  • Valerie Jarrett

    A top Presidential adviser working for the enemy? Ridiculous.

  • Quartermaster

    That doesn’t mean much. I cite facts I’ve read many years ago and can no longer remember the source. History, alas, is a field rife with plagiarism. Few go to the original documents. Ian Kershaw’s research for his two volume biography of Hitler, for example, was primarily reading David Irving’s “Hitler’s War.” Kershaw has now pretty much disappeared because he got caught and too many questions were being asked.

  • Quartermaster

    So, Conservative troll imitates Libtard troll. Works for me. 🙂

  • richard mcenroe

    He hasn’t cited ANY facts.

  • Quartermaster

    Translation: The facts do not match the propaganda I’ve read.

    Rave on Mr. McEnroe.

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