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Female Professor Accused of Sexually Molesting Mentally Disabled Man

Posted on | April 23, 2014 | 26 Comments

The intelligentsia are Our Moral Superiors:

Tomorrow a court hearing will be held in which it is expected New Jersey Superior Court Judge Siobhan Teare, will decide whether or not more testing is needed to determine whether a 33 year old man who suffers from cerebral palsy, was able to give consent during a long lasting sexual relationship with Rutgers Philosophy professor Anna Stubblefield.
It is said that the man has the mental capacity of an eighteen month old child.
Stubblefield is a practitioner of Facilitated Communication, a highly controversial technique that proponents say enables the severely mentally handicapped to communicate through “facilitators” by the use of touch and assistance with typing on a keyboard. She took on the man as a test subject in 2008 and in May of 2011 she approached the man’s mother telling her she had been engaging in a sexual relationship with him and that they were in love.
In August 2011, the man’s family brought their allegations to university police officers, who contacted Essex County prosecutors in January of 2013. Stubblefield was eventually indicted on aggravated sexual assault charges.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: “Stubblefield says that she informed the parents that she and John Roe were in love, and that their sexual relations were consensual.” Oh, well, if they were in love and it was consensual, no one can possibly object.

That was basically the argument of Kaitlyn Hunt’s defenders, and I’m sure the advocates of lesbian polygamy would agree.



  • RS

    The irony . . . it burns.

  • Kirby McCain

    What a sick puppy.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Not as promising as a tv show as the three lesbians with a baby, but as Mencken said, never over estimate the taste of the public.

  • Guest

    An RS McCain trifecta! College professor, female, and sexual abuse! You even found a way to bring Kate Hunt into it! In terms of demonizing your political opponents, and whole groups of people, this blog is on par with Der Sturmer.

  • Mm

    Demonizing = reporting facts. There is virtually no commentary by RSM in this post, so one can only assume that you object to his criticism, and support the rape of minors and the mentally disabled.


    Yet another projecting leftie. Jeez, can’t they have a little originality with their mental illnesses now and then?


  • Quartermaster

    No. No matter how low the bar, somehow they get under it.

  • Paul H. Lemmen

    Since you, by your comment, are familiar with Der Stürmer my comment will be in German:
    Durch welche genauen Schadensursache Sie diesen Vorwurf zu machen? Bitte zitieren, in der Spezifität, ein Artikel in “Der Stürmer” veröffentlicht, dass in keiner Weise entspricht diesem Beitrag von unseren geschätzten Gastgeber. Kapitel und Vers zitieren. Mindestfünfhundert Wörter mit Leitlinien einer Universität für eine wissenschaftliche Arbeit, die morgen fällig. Nun, gehen Sie ficken sich.

  • Paul H. Lemmen

    Even if they have to tunnel …

  • Jeanette Victoria

    LOL “Sie ficken sich” I think the troll would need a search party in order to do that

  • Jeanette Victoria

    The troll was outed when she only replied to my posts so now she is going to troll McCains blog. You can respond to her here @Turloffxxx

  • Jeanette Victoria

    But not surprising, where there is no default morality it’s anything goes

  • ThomasD

    “In August 2011, the man’s family brought their allegations to university police officers, who contacted Essex County prosecutors in January of

    The University sat on it for over a year.

    When do they get charged with obstruction?

  • ThomasD

    ieeee! ieeee!

    The truth, it burrrnnnses.

  • (Google Translate) English rendition: “Through the precise cause of damage you make this accusation? Please cite, in specificity, an article in “Der Stürmer” published, that in no way corresponds to this post by our esteemed host. Quote chapter and verse. Minimum five hundred words with a university guidelines for a research paper, the due tomorrow. Now, go fuck yourself.”

  • richard mcenroe

    Come on, it’s not like she’s a football coach. She’s a female academic! They’re special

    Besides, under Obamacare the IPAB would have written the guy off soon anyway.

  • Mm

    Judging by the Twitter feed, she is mentally ill.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    I agree and she is way nuttier than when I stopped speaking to her in 2001 when she began her public hate campaign toward me after my daughter was killed

  • ThePaganTemple

    I have this strange idea that the luckiest mentally disabled man in the entire history of the cosmos is not exactly complaining.

  • Paul H. Lemmen

    Google translate is getting better all the time. My intent (in faulty and improper German): By what exact causation do you make this allegation? Please cite, in specificity, any article published in “Der Sturmer” that in any way corresponds to this post by our esteemed host. Cite chapter and verse. Minimum five hundred words using any University’s guidelines for a research paper, due tomorrow. Now, go fuck yourself.

  • Paul H. Lemmen

    LOL, I know!

  • Alan Markus

    Dang – should have been online yesterday. This is straight out of “The World According to Garp” (1982)

    T.S. Garp has led an unusual life. Born in 1944 and named after his father, he is the bastard son of opinionated feminist nurse Jenny Fields who wanted a child but not a husband. She got herself pregnant by a hospitalized soldier on his deathbed, he known only to her as Technical Sergeant Garp.

    Jenny nurses Garp, observing his infantile state and almost perpetual autonomic sexual arousal. As a matter of practicality and kindness in making his passing as comfortable as possible and reducing his agitation, she manually gratifies him several times. Unconstrained by convention and driven by practicality and her desire for a child, Jenny uses Garp’s sexual response to impregnate herself and names the resulting son “T. S.” (a name derived from “Technical Sergeant”, but consisting of just initials)

    Life imitates art!

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  • pabarge
  • Tanuki Man

    Does she “facilitate” the “communication” that proves the consensual nature of the relationship? Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. Apart from “facilitated communication” being complete bullflap.