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Our Moral Superiors™

Posted on | June 13, 2014 | 36 Comments

You have to wonder sometimes how the intelligentsia have been able to maintain the myth of their superiority for so long, and how much longer they can keep it up in the face of overwhelming evidence contradicting this myth. For example, the American Studies Association (ASA) boycott campaign against Israel is led by New York University Professor Lisa Duggan, whose expertise is non-existent:

Duggan’s academic specialties are modern U.S. cultural, social and political history; history of gender and sexuality; and lesbian and gay studies. One course of hers at NYU is called “Queer Historiographies and Constructions of Whiteness in the United States.” Her claim to fame: Inventing the word “homonormativity” to explain how many gays now want to mimic straight people, in terms of “domesticity and consumption.”

This academic fraud can no more claim to be an expert on Mideast policy than any random person you might find on a subway train in Manhattan, and yet she is accepted as a leader of the anti-Israel movement, perhaps because anyone who hates Israel is acceptable.

Donald Douglas has more on Professor Duggan’s non-expertise.



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  • ChandlersGhost

    Duggan should spend a year in any Islamic country and then report back to us.

  • ChandlersGhost

    If they don’t stone her to death or cut off her head with a knife.

  • Phil_McG

    If that happened, I’d definitely sign a petition or something.

  • Phil_McG

    “homonormativity” to explain how many gays now want to mimic straight people, in terms of “domesticity and consumption.”

    Because if you’re a normal gay man who likes normal bourgeois values – owning your own home, doing well in your career or business, saving for retirement, having a stable monogamous relationship – you’re doing it wrong.

    An ageing fag hag with a degree in comedy studies said so.

  • maniakmedic

    This sounds suspiciously like the whole “acting white” phenomenon amongst black people, wherein if you are black and do well in school or work and don’t go around acting like a thug, you have “sold out” and therefore should be punished by being ostracized from the “authentic” black community as well as being called an “Uncle Tom” or be accused of being a “slave on the plantation.”

    In other news, a Salt Lake City cop was recently badgered into resigning because he had the audacity to request an assignment directing traffic or patroling the sidelines instead of riding at the head of the Gay Pride Parade, which he saw as giving the impression of him endorsing the homosexual lifestyle, and which he disagrees with on religious and personal grounds. The police spokeswoman called him a bigot and said the department has no place for such people, hence his being put on paid suspension. The reaction of a great deal of people commenting on the news story: good riddance because clearly he hates gay people (despite the fact that he never asked to be removed from parade duty, he simply asked to be moved to an assignment that didn’t give the impression he endorsed a lifestyle he disagreed with on religious and moral grounds). The guy apparently forgot First Amendment protections only apply to your religious beliefs if you are Muslim. Even in Utah.

  • Phil_McG

    Yes. If you’re a normal middle class black guy, or a normal middle class gay guy, with normal middle class aspirations, you’re no longer useful to the radical left. The left has no use for well adjusted people, it wants client groups who are alienated from and resentful of mainstream society.

  • PeterP

    This woman is a misogynist. She calls her course “Queer HIStoriographies…” instead of “Queer HERstoriographies.” Time to Brandon Eich her out of academia.

  • robertstacymccain

    Definitely: “We, the undersigned, hereby declare our general disapproval of the government of [Islamic country], and especially their oppressive policy that resulted in Professor Lisa Duggan being stoned to death by an angry mob. This is a very bad policy and we most certainly do not approve.”

  • robertstacymccain

    It’s amazing that so many homosexuals aren’t nearly as “transgressive” as intellectual would like them to be. Hell, some of them even vote Republican!

  • Dana

    Such as the Gay Patriot?

  • Dana

    That’s part of the problem: most people wouldn’t care if their neighbors were homosexual as long as they kept the lawn mowed and the place clean. Most people wouldn’t have any problem having their homosexual neighbors over for the backyard barbecue as long as they were fairly regular people otherwise.

    But homosexual homeowners who work hard for their livelihoods, keep their property in good shape and who aren’t out to try to snag the 15 year olds walking home from school are problems for the homosexual lobby, because such people have the same interests as normal people who keep their property in good shape and who aren’t out to try to snag the 15 year olds walking home from school: a lower tax, more efficient government which isn’t out to regulate every aspect of their lives and isn’t trying to force people to do things they don’t want to do.

  • Dana

    More, if “homonormativity,” homosexuals basically acting like normal people in everything other than their sex lives, somehow yields fewer problems for such people, while the screaming fags are the ones who face more discrimination in society, that would indicate that it isn’t their abnormal sexual orientation which is the problem, but the behavior of the weirdos which is.

  • RS

    It’s worthwhile to remember that once, Israel was the darling of the Left, given that it was a fairly socialist democracy, chock-full of victims. Alas, it had the audacity to refuse to be the victim and win a few wars and be successful. Thus we see the Left’s MO. As long as you play the roll of the oppressed and don’t move beyond your designated “station,” you’re fine. Refuse to wallow in your victimhood and instantly, you become a pariah.

  • Henry Williams

    Kind of interesting, considering that a certain primitive, foreign, anti-Christian culture has been actively leading the charge to normalize the notion that homosexual sodomy is a natural, normal, and healthy activity:

  • Henry Williams

    Karl Marx’s grandfathers were both rabbis.

  • wpm327

    I am amazed that these people get PhDs in such ridiculous specialties. They are educated derelicts, drunkenly picking intellectual fights because that is the only way they can seem smart. Heaven help us if this is the best and the brightest.

  • richard mcenroe

    The #hashtag would be DEVASTATING!

  • maniakmedic

    And it wants everybody to believe it’s absolutely impossible to both disagree with someone and respect/like them at the same time. By the left’s standard, I should hate probably all of you, because I disagree with the consumption of alcohol. Apparently I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time; where I would be the designated driver for friends who decided to drink, I should have told them I thought they were disgusting people I never wanted to associate with and leave them to their own devices (big /sarc tag if I didn’t lay it on thick enough).

  • maniakmedic

    Nobody likes finding out people don’t like them because they are an asshole or a weirdo. Far easier to bear if you perceive their hatred of you as stemming from something you either really can’t change or have been told you can’t change so often you believe it.

  • K-Bob

    You have to both A) Hate Israel, and B) Have a vocabulary salted with enough anti-patriarchy word salad to make sure Fauxcahontas ever reads or keeps your resume.