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Freedom of Speech Is Genocide and Other Lessons From the 21st-Century University

Posted on | October 10, 2017 | 2 Comments


Edith Macias became infamous a couple of weeks ago when a viral video showed the University of California-Riverside (UCR) student stealing a “Make America Great Again” cap from another student. An ethnic studies major, Macias demanded that the hat’s owner be punished. At one point during the video, when the hat’s owner Matthew Vitale cited his First Amendment free speech rights, Macias said: “Your f–king freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.” After a UCR employee took the hat from her, Macias said: “We’re in a country where literally people of color are getting genocide, they’re getting killed.”


This is the American education system in the 21st century.

Edith Macias was merely repeating what she has been taught at UCR, where the notorious Andrea Smith (“Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy”) is on the Ethnic Studies faculty. Students at UCR, as at many other universities in America, are taught an anti-white ideology in the guise of “social justice.” Only 12% of UCR students are white, while 41% are Hispanic and 34% are Asian. White students like Matthew Vitale are demonized and scapegoated at UCR, and are not even allowed to speak out in opposition to the climate of anti-white hatred on campus: “Your f–king freedom of speech is genocide, homeboy.”

Why do you think so many people are leaving California?

According to IRS migration data, which uses individual income tax returns to record year-to-year address changes, over 250,000 California residents moved out of the state between 2013 and 2014, the latest period for which data was available. The tax returns reported more than $21 billion in adjusted gross income to the IRS.
Of the returns, 33,626 reported address changes from California to Texas, which has been the top destination for individuals leaving California since 2007. Californians who moved to Texas between 2013 and 2014 reported $2.19 billion in adjusted gross income. . . .
According to Tom Gray of the Manhattan Institute, people may be leaving California for the employment opportunities, tax breaks, or less crowded living arrangements that other states offer.
“States with low unemployment rates, such as Texas, are drawing people from California, whose rate is above the national average,” Gray wrote. “Taxation also appears to be a factor, especially as it contributes to the business climate and, in turn, jobs.”

The high taxes in California are used to fund an education system which is teaching students that freedom of speech is genocide. Promoting this hateful ideology of “social justice” on university campuses will only exacerbate the economic problems of the poor people who are left behind when taxpayers — people with jobs and money — leave California.

What kind of jobs will Ethnic Studies majors be qualified to do? How much tax revenue will they provide to California? Isn’t it likely that many of those enrolled at University of California-Riverside will never even be able to repay their student loans? It is no surprise to learn that UCR students are rallying in defense of the hat thief:

The “Statement of Solidarity with Edith Macias” circulating within the campus community states in part that UC administration should “pay for alternate housing accommodations for Macias and their family while simultaneously covering their current housing costs in order to keep them safe from threats of harm.”
The demand cites Vitale’s viral video, saying Macias has been doxxed and threatened as a result. It also calls for administrators to “grant Macias amnesty and protection from any student or legal charges.”
It also seeks a statement against “white supremacist violence” and one in support of sanctuary campuses from campus leaders.

What “white supremacist violence” are they talking about? The defense of freedom of speech on a university campus is “violence”? This is what students are being taught as “social justice” not just in California, but at many other schools in America. A rhetoric of hatred inspired by propaganda that demonizes white people — including Christopher Columbus — will not solve anybody’s economic or social problems.

This kind of “education” is paving the road to Zimbabwe, where the Mugabe regime confiscated the property of white people:

High unemployment, widespread poverty and government corruption have all contributed to making life miserable for many citizens. Economically, Zimbabwe is facing huge challenges: It has had no national currency since 2009, when the Zimbabwean dollar collapsed under massive hyperinflation . . .

Zimbabwe, like Venezuela, is a lesson in what happens when “social justice” — an ideology of hatred — becomes the policy of government. If you think it can’t happen in America, just consider what kind of government we’ll have if people like Edith Macias take over.