The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Everybody Hates Piers Morgan

The petition to deport Piers Morgan is now nearing 90,000 signatures — which is what I’d call “a good start” — and this groundswell of antipathy to being lectured by a smarmy Brit on CNN has now reached America’s youth, including Michael Butler at The High School Conservative: Piers Morgan “has a case of the sads” […]

Fleet Street to Be Neutered?

As a journalist, I’ve long admired and envied the aggressiveness and flair of the British press. During the 1990s — when for the first time the Internet allowed Americans to see foreign newspaper coverage in “real time” — Fleet Street’s coverage of the Clinton scandals was often as important as anything published in U.S. papers. This attracted notice at […]

The Royal Pair: Why Are You Googling for ‘Kate Middleton Topless,’ You Sick Freaks?

Traffic to the blog has gotten a slight and unexpected boost the past couple of days because the entire world, it seems, is Googling for nude photos of Kate Middleton or rather topless photos of Kate Middleton. Don’t bother clicking those links, as they are merely a round-trip ticket back to this post, part of Ye […]

Commie Punks Protest Olympics

A policeman is attacked by protesters in London The scum of the earth — wretched asinine left-wingers — have descended on Ye Merry Olde to make an Olympic-class nuisance of themselves: Hours after the opening ceremony fireworks echoed around east London, up to 400 demonstrators marched through a neighborhood near the Olympic Park to protest […]

Ungrateful Limeys!

The British press and politicians are having an Olympic field day at Mitt Romney’s expense, with assistance of U.S. media. Never mind that we twice bailed them out against the Huns, eh? Maybe they’re still pissed off about us sending them Madonna.

Making ‘Anglo-Saxon’ Scandalous

The English-speaking world shares a culture as well as a language, and the term “Anglo-Saxon” has long been employed as a shorthand designation of this culture, for good or ill. But use of the term becomes a shocking scandal when it is employed by Republicans: As the Republican presidential challenger accused Barack Obama of appeasing […]

The World’s Youngest Blogger Salutes Queen Elizabeth

by The World’s Youngest Blogger On the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee, I should like to wish a merry day to England and Her Royal Highness. Please accept my sincerest regrets for the latest in a series of snubs proffered by this regrettable Commie jackwagon they elected three years ahead of my birth. Alas, halting […]

Perfect Bailout Metaphor Achieved

by Smitty Daniel Hannan on Twitter points to The Telegraph with a story of classical, titanic impact: Maiden voyage of Bronze Age boat founders The crew of a half-sized replica of a 3,500-year-old Bronze Age boat had to abort the vessel’s maiden voyage after it sank as soon as it entered the water. Hannan relates […]

Which Is Worse: Gang-Rape or Racism?

British teens must be grateful their rapists weren’t victims of racism “Individuals opposed to Party rule are selected as targets of disapproval, usually to the point of demonization. Criticism usually extends to allegations of personal corruption, wickedness, or barbarism. Terms used to vilify Party opponents are formulaic, seeming to draw from a lexicon developed for […]

International Intrigue Surrounds Harvard University Graduate Student Bo Guagua

Livin’ La Vida Guagua: Son of ChiCom official partied down in England In February, 41-year-old British businessman Neil Heywood died in China. Gu Kailai, wife of provincial Communist Party official Bo Xilai, reportedly confessed to Heywood’s murder: According to Mr Wang, Mr Heywood, a fixer with decades of experience in China and a family friend […]

Sarkozy Discovers His Open Right Flank

Because it is my habit to ignore smelly foreigners (and let’s face it, they all stink), I pay little heed to the troubles of French politicians. Nevertheless, Nicholas Sarkozy is the most pro-American French politician since . . . Well, he’s pro-American, and so his difficulties are kind of relevant. In order to retain power, […]

The Year I Was Born: 1959

Buddy Holly died in a plane crash, Fidel Castro staged a communist revolution in Cuba, Marilyn Monroe starred in Some Like it Hot, and the British embassy was worried about Kenyan students: A memo from a British diplomat in Washington to Whitehall — released today by the National Archives in West London — sets out their […]

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