The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Trannies Keep Harassing Feminists

Sophia Banks (@sophiaphotos) is a Canadian transsexual who decided to “expose” some radical feminists who stubbornly cling to the notion that being a woman is a condition involving XX chromosomes. Yes, apparently, it’s come to this: Science is now HATE. I’ve been covering this conflict intermittently for six months now (e.g., the situation that caused […]

Canadian Candidate Drops Out After Masturbation Video Surfaces

Trish Kelly was a candidate for local office on the ticket of the liberal “Vision Vancouver” party. On July 14, local political blogger Raymond Tomlin published a 2006 video Ms. Kelly produced for a website called WayOutWest. In the two-minute video, Ms. Kelly talks about her masturbation habits: “Pretty much I do it every night, after […]

‘I Got Him in a Bloody Puddle for You’: Father Beats Gay Teen Molesting Son

Raymond Frolander is an 18-year-old homosexual who was molesting an 11-year-old boy when the boy’s father caught him: A father who walked in on a man allegedly sexually assaulting his 11-year-old son beat the man to a pulp before calling police to say they could come collect him from a ‘bloody puddle’ on his floor. […]

Sex Trouble: Radical Feminism and the Long Shadow of the ‘Lavender Menace’

“The supersensitivity of the [Women's Liberation] movement to the lesbian issue, and the existence of a few militant lesbians within the movement, once prompted [NOW founder Betty] Friedan herself to grouse about ‘the lavender menace’ that was threatening to warp the image of women’s rights.” – Susan Brownmiller, New York Times, March 15, 1970 (quoted […]

What Is Radical Feminism? ‘Make Deviance the Core of Our Identity’

“Both femininity and masculinity are heteropatriarchal terms that establish the boundaries of what is ‘acceptable,’ ‘permissible’ appearance and behavior for females, Lesbians included. Heteropatriarchal semantics equates femininity with femaleness and masculinity with maleness, as though behaviors and personality traits were determined by biological sex. On the basis of that equation, heteropatriarchy values femininity in females and masculinity in males. […]

‘Internalized Misogyny’

That interesting phrase occurs in a long essay by a woman who “spent three years living as male, a year and a half on testosterone” as part of female-to-male “transgender” therapy before deciding to stop the hormones and “de-transition”: When I was nineteen, I discovered the word “dysphoria” in a trans activist group on campus. […]

Three Scary Words

“Gay Boy Scouts” — a contingent of whom led the New York Gay Pride parade Sunday. Those of us who participated in Scouts in our youth (I made it to Star Scout and my older brother made Life Scout) have no trouble explaining our common sense objections to “equality” in this context, but if radical […]

Gender Theory Madness: Gay Man Gets ‘Doxed’ Because of His ‘Transphobia’

In case you missed my posts over the weekend — “Tranarchy: Gender Theory = Insanity” and “Inmates Run the Facebook Asylum” — the long-running online war between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists has been heating up lately. The two sides of the battle front are essentially this: Transactivists say it is “hate” to criticize […]

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