The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Three Scary Words

“Gay Boy Scouts” — a contingent of whom led the New York Gay Pride parade Sunday. Those of us who participated in Scouts in our youth (I made it to Star Scout and my older brother made Life Scout) have no trouble explaining our common sense objections to “equality” in this context, but if radical […]

Gender Theory Madness: Gay Man Gets ‘Doxed’ Because of His ‘Transphobia’

In case you missed my posts over the weekend — “Tranarchy: Gender Theory = Insanity” and “Inmates Run the Facebook Asylum” — the long-running online war between transgender activists and radical lesbian feminists has been heating up lately. The two sides of the battle front are essentially this: Transactivists say it is “hate” to criticize […]

Demi Lovato Keeps Dropping Hints

Either this is a coy, slow-motion “coming out,” or else it’s a clever marketing strategy to attract a niche audience, but maybe it’s both. Whatever it is, 21-year-old former Disney starlet Demi Lovato earlier this month performed for “my #LGBT brothers and sisters” at the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade and — although she has […]

Lesbian Celebrated #LGBTPride Month by Murdering Her Wife, Police Say

Police say Tiffany Nowden-Vale (left) murdered Russina Vale (right). There are hate crimes and then there are love crimes, I guess: SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The former Colorado woman wanted in the death of her wife in California has pleaded not guilty to a murder charge. Tiffany Nowden was arrested in California Tuesday. She had […]

Inmates Run the Facebook Asylum

Gabriel/”Brielle” Harrison (@nyteshade) is a “Sci-Fi/Fantasy lover,” IYKWIMAITYD. Gender Identity Watch explains more: He is also a Facebook engineer who implemented the multiple gender options on Facebook. He has made public statements that he censored Gender Identity Watch. Harrison does not apply Facebook’s Community Standards; rather, he engages in censorship of political speech by Women, […]

Tranarchy: Gender Theory = Insanity

Sarah Brown (@AuntySarah) is a mentally ill transsexual who was a member of the city council in Cambridge, England. Last year, the Guardian published an article about Brown’s “polyamorous” domestic arrangement with Brown’s ex-wife and another transsexual. These people are oppressed by pronouns. In 2010, the British parliament passed the Equality Act, which has had […]

#Socialism2014 Marxist Gender Theory: Sexual Minorities of the World Unite!

Sherry Wolf (@SherryTalksBack) has described herself as a “a lesbian Marxist who came of age in the neo-Cold War, AIDS-ravaged 1980s,” and has been praised by a fan as a “fire-breathing, Marxist dyke.” The real mystery is why she doesn’t have a Cabinet position in the Obama administration. We don’t have video or a transcript […]

‘No One Deserves to Be Violently Murdered and Set on Fire’

Well, we can all agree on this, I’m pretty sure. But apparently there is someone in Florida who feels otherwise: FORT MYERS — Fort Myers police are trying to find the killer of a transgender woman whose body was found burned behind a garbage bin Thursday. Police on Friday identified the victim as Eddie James […]

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