The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Barack Obama’s Political Career Reduced To A Brace Of Guns`n`Roses Videos

by Smitty 2008: “It’s so easy, easy, when everybody’s trying to please me. . .” 2012: “Funny how everything was roses when we held onto the guns. . .”

Investing Yourself

by Smitty An item in the blogs yesterday talked about snooty eating. After viewing a few organic foods, comfort foods, or control foods, participants who were exposed to organic foods volunteered significantly less time to help a needy stranger, and they judged moral transgressions significantly harsher than those who viewed nonorganic foods. These results suggest […]

More ‘Electronica’ Than Rock’n'Roll

by Smitty This is a solid piece, reminiscent of Moby. Sorry about the ‘none more black video’:You can get a full EP on iTunes now, before these guys are bigger than Nine Inch Nails. Hopefully they never achieve the full diaper wail of Trent Reznor. And that, Mr. Sheppard, is how you pimp some product.

Separated At Birth? Einstein and Santana

by Smitty via Althouse Incidentally, one of Santana’s signature hits, Oye Como Va is actually a Tito Puente cover.

Time for Some Zeppelin

Of course, it’s ALWAYS time for some Zeppelin:

Rock and Roll, and Other Subjects About Which Dan Collins Knows Nothing

Granted, this could be a very long post, but I just happened to notice Dan blathering on about some artsy New Wave poseurs and felt a need to point out the Neutral Objective Fact that no genuinely great rock and roll music was recorded after Sept. 25, 1980, the day John Bonham died. How awesome was Led Zeppelin? For the […]

Separated At Birth? Stacy McCain/Dave Mustaine Edition

by Smitty The news today that Dave Mustaine, who may or may not be a loyal reader of this blog, endorsed Rick Santorum today came to me via a print copy of the DC Examiner while attending to a private, non-work-related matter at my job site. Isn’t the resemblance striking? But I think the resemblance […]

Obscure Musical Allusion Blog Post Title Sweepstakes: Joy Division, for the Win!

“It’s like being assigned to cover a psychotic breakdown, so that the challenge as a journalist is to report accurately all the paranoid gibberish, the bizarre hallucinations and delusions of grandeur.” – Robert Stacy McCain, Jan. 11, 2012 “But there is no point in haggling any longer with this. The time has come to get […]

Rush Novel In The Works

by Smitty Pollstar reports that the new Rush record is going to have a novel backing it: Science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson recently announced on his website that he will write a novelization of Rush’s upcoming album, Clockwork Angels. Anderson, who wrote a slew of “Star Wars” books in the 1990s, including his Jedi […]

Geriatric Halftime Show

‘Gaze upon my cosmic crotch in awe, earthlings!’ Let me be clear: I never cared much for Madonna’s épater le bourgeois act when she was still considered the hottest thing in show business, dating Sean Penn and making headlines with her various “what-will-she-do-next” stunts. Judged strictly as a musical act, I thought she peaked with […]

Notorious Right-Winger Promotes Hateful Racist Stereotypes

What kind of bigoted hatemonger would dare to promote the stereotype that African-Americans enjoy dressing up in colorful clothing and engaging in outrageous dancing to simplistic songs with pulsating rhythms? That man’s name would be the late, great Don Cornelius: Pamela Geller pays tribute to the entertainment impressario whose weekly TV program was the Fabulous Funkadelic […]

Vasquez Sounds: El Talento Musical de Mexicali Lanzó a la Fama por el Video

Los lectores disculpen la torpe español. Esto se traduce del Inglés con Google. Recuerdo la mañana del viernes, cuando he publicado sobre los 10 años de edad, la cantante Angie Vásquez y sus hermanos? Su video musical les ha hecho la mayor sensación en Internet. El video ha recibido casi 6 millones de visitas, y […]

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