The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

What Were They Thinking?

Why would the editors of Esquire assign Tom Junod — or anybody else, for that matter — to write “In Praise of 42-Year-Old Women”? And, having made that assignment, why would they not demand a re-write after he turned in a horrifying mess that begins thus: Let’s face it: There used to be something tragic […]

Sex, Science, Nature and ‘Choice’

Four years ago, I wrote a 4,000-word essay called “The Pill at 50: Unhappy Un-Birthday,” which included this observation: The Pill fostered a prevalence of the belief that sex without pregnancy is normal. This utterly unnatural idea is the foundation of the Contraceptive Culture. Throughout human history, recognition of the natural connection between sex and […]

Virginia Democrat Indicted on Pornography, Underage Sex Charges

You remember Virginia state legislator Joe Morrissey: Last year it was learned the 56-year-old Democrat delegate was under investigation in relation to a sleepover with underage girl. That was 10 months ago. Now a grand jury has finally indicted him: HENRICO — A special grand jury today issued five indictments against Del. Joseph D. Morrissey, […]

Internet ‘Porn Diva,’ 19, Arrested for Bisexual Video Orgy With Girls 12, 13, 14

The police affidavit in this case is astonishing: Bianca Byndloss, 19, and her co-defendants Christian Hernandez, 19, and Brian Yanes, 18, engaged in a May 25 orgy with three girls ages 12, 13 and 14. All are charged with multiple felonies and it looks like an open-and-shut case because all three suspects and also the […]

Sexual Assault at UT-Austin

#YesAllWomen (in Texas): “Campus police questioned two University of Texas football players as part of a sexual assault investigation,” involving an incident that allegedly “happened early Saturday morning in the San Jacinto Residence Hall.” Then there is this sentence: According to the university’s most recent security report, victims reported nine on-campus sexual assaults in 2012. […]

Professor Ludlow Defends His Right to Have Sex With Grad Students

If you’re a bald middle-aged guy with an Ivy League Ph.D., academic tenure is basically a license to have sex with college girls: A Northwestern University professor has filed a Title IX federal lawsuit against school officials for gender discrimination, defamation, and invasion of privacy over their handling of what he insists are false sexual […]

‘The First Time She Molested Me, I Was Three. The Last Time, I Was Twelve’

Moira Greyland is the daughter of famed novelist Marion Zimmer Bradley, who died in 1999. Greyland’s father — Bradley’s second husband, Walter Breen — was accused of sexually molesting a 12-year-old boy in 1989, ten years after he separated from Bradley, who was accused of covering up her for husband’s pedophile activities. Bradley’s own tendencies […]

‘Victims Proliferate’ at Occidental: The Unfortunate Truth About Campus Rape

“The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female party guests — we did.” – Eric “Otter” Stratton, Animal House “Colleges and universities are being educated by Washington and are finding the experience excruciating. They are learning that when they say campus victimizations are ubiquitous […]

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