The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Exhausting the Blitzkrieg Metaphors

Everyone who watched Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal match between Germany and Brazil was astonished by the historic 7-1 destruction the Germans inflicted on the host squad: It is not Brazil, alone, that is in shock after the greatest humiliation in World Cup history. Those of us who have held the 1970 Brazil team of PelĂ©, […]

So Close! #USA Ties Portugal, 2-2

#USA 2 #POR 2 #WorldCup GROUP G STANDINGS #GER 1-0-1 4 pt #USA 1-0-1 4 pt #GHA 0-1-1 1 pt #POR 0-1-1 1 pt — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) June 22, 2014 The United States was less than a minute away from a 2-1 World Cup victory that would have clinched advancement to the round of […]

Who’s Pumped Up?

#WorldCup GROUP G STANDINGS #GER 1-0-1 4 pt #USA 1-0-0 3 pt #GHA 0-1-1 1 pt #POR 0-1-0 0 pt Today's Game: #USA v. #POR 5 p.m. ET — Robert Stacy McCain (@rsmccain) June 22, 2014 It’s weird how I’m totally into this year’s World Cup, given that we all know soccer is a Commie sport. But my […]

Women’s Soccer Scandal: Famous Player Is Allegedly Violent, Heterosexual

Hope Solo won two Olympic gold medals as goalie of the U.S. women’s team, and is now under arrest in Washington State: Kirkland police said a man called 911 to report a woman was assaulting someone inside the house in the 10600 block of 124th Avenue Northeast. The officers arrived to find soccer great Hope […]

David Zirin, Marxist Sports Blogger

Professor Donald Douglas has been trying to get me to pay attention to this, and I’ve struggled mightily to resist. It makes my head hurt to think of it, but The Nation — a publication that spent 74 years cheerleading for the Bolsheviks — now has a sports blogger named David Zirin, whose output is […]

Baseball Plans to Ban … Baseball?

The collision at home plate between a runner trying to score and a catcher trying to make the tag — dude, that’s baseball. So the news that Major League Baseball is planning to ban home plate collisions has sparked outrage from fans. Pete Da Tech Guy provides a sample of the reaction and asks: “Hey, […]

Well, I Shouldn’t Disappoint Pete

Da Tech Guy is disappointed that I didn’t take up his earlier challenge to address the fakeness of the 1973 Billy Jean King/Bobby Riggs “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match, but as I said, I recognized it as hype at the time. Although I didn’t know the fix was in — because Bobby Riggs owed […]

Because Satan Is a Yankees Fan

The Orioles had two men on base and nobody out in the top of the 8th. The Yankees were leading 5-2, but the O’s had the tying run at bat and the count went to 3-and-2. And then something happened that had never happened in the entire history of Major League Baseball: Triple plays of […]

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