The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Leave Mary Landrieu Alone!

by Smitty Hot Air reports on AFP’s praisworthy ad for Mary Landrieus’s re-election campaign: For crying out loud, Americans: Mary Landrieu is the MOAST HONEST POLITICIAN EVAR! She openly doesn’t care about the benighted peasants of the swamp that hatched her. She’s an aristocrat now; all full of indigna-tion at the situa-tion of the humilia-tion […]

Craig McCulloch Is the Real Deal

NEW ORLEANS Last night, I attended an event for Craig McCulloch, a candidate for Congress in Louisiana’s 6th District. McCulloch is one of nine — yes, I said nine — Republicans running for this seat, whereas octogenarian sleazeball Edwin Edwards is the best the Democrats could come up with, in a district where more than […]

Didn’t I Tell Him to Resign?

What I said about Rep. Vance McAllister (R-Adultery) yesterday: A part-time district scheduler? Dude, if a congressman is making out with a part-time district scheduler, you know he’s gotta be banging Hill staffers two at a time. It’s probably just a. matter of time before we start getting more headlines: “Vance McAllister dirty texting,” “Vance McAllister […]


In an exclusive story that would appear to undermine Newt Gingrich’s claims of opposing Mitt Romney as the Republican presidential nominee, Ralph Z. Hallow of the Washington Times reports: Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich recently met in secret with GOP rival Mitt Romney at the former Massachusetts governor’s hotel in New Orleans, according to a […]

LOUISIANA PRIMARY RESULTS HQ: Santorum Wins by Wide Margin

HARAHAN, Louisiana UPDATE 9:29 p.m. CT: While the exit polls had indicated a double-digit margin for Rick Santorum, few suspected that he could beat Mitt Romney here by more than 20 points but, with 65% of precincts reporting, it’s Santorum 49% to Romney’s 26%. Santorum staffers here say they don’t expect that margin to shrink […]

Lisa Graas: Santorum’s Secret Weapon

Louisiana Santorum volunteer David with Lisa Graas in Central, La., March 24, 2012 CENTRAL, Louisiana Mitt Romney’s got the big money and the big endorsements, but Rick Santorum has Lisa Graas who — with 6,835 Twitter followers and about 1,500 Facebook friends — has been a sort of social-media equalizer, helping lead an amazingly effective […]

Neutral Objective Journalism

CENTRAL, Louisiana You remember the Harris sisters, who sing the Rick Santorum campaign song “Game On”? Tonight I’m staying at the home of David, the guy who hosted the Harris sisters for three days during their tour of Louisiana. David is a pro-life Catholic and Marine veteran who says he “got roped into” the Santorum […]

Rick Santorum in Cavuto Interview: ‘This Is the Hatchet-Job of All Time’ (Video Added)

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana Rick Santorum says it is “absurd” for anyone to suggest he would not support the Republican Party’s nominee against President Obama. “This is the hatchet-job of all time,” the former Pennsylvania senator told Neil Cavuto during an often-contentious Friday afternoon interview on Fox News about Santorum’s comments at a Thursday event in Texas. […]

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