The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

Bagman is a Hoot

by Smitty I Own The World lives up to the billing. Bagman, from last April (?) remains tragically timely: In particular, Nancy Pelosi in Joker hair anticipates the Obama Joker, and the Bagmobile, a two person Segway, is right on: Great stuff. I failed to mark this in the Google Reader, and can’t credit my […]

Frankly, I’ve Begun to Worry That Carol at No Sheeples Here Has Caught BMD

First described by Professor William Jacobson, Blogger Mood Disorder can have strange and unpredictable effects. Lately, Carol’s hilarious graphics have been getting . . . well, I don’t want to say weird, but you tell me: Obama  as Tina Turner? I always thought he was more like Ike. (And I don’t mean Eisenhower.) Elephant butt? […]

Flatus Mars Just-Resolved Annual Gumflap

by Smitty The State of the Union, or FMJRA Gumflap, was a well-written and -delivered piece of rhetoric. As long as its relationship to reality remains a separate topic, we can keep things peaceable. The POTUS can stand there and say “We may be incompetent, but we’re all you’ve got” only as far as the […]

Sarah Palin’s PAC Raised More Than $2 Million in Its First 11 Months

Tommy at Conservatives For Palin has the details. Perhaps the most encouraging bits are that the PAC received contributions from 14,000 individuals: “Dollars were raised primarily on the Internet and small fundraisers; no direct mail.” Having a large number of small donors is very important to grassroots activism. Those $10 and $20 contributions have a way of adding […]

An Impromptu Interview With LCR

by Smitty Left Coast Rebel caught me on Google Chat, pursuant to the Ellie Light case. I did precious little, but forward LCR to somebody whom you irritate at your peril. LCR and I rambled a bit, and he’s tidied the output into a post. Meanwhile, I have to get the FMJRA done before RSM […]

‘Sam Dealey Has What It Takes to
Make That Paper Great Again’

So says Christian Josi, referring to the hiring of a new editor at The Washington Times. Paul Bedard, who was on the White House beat when I joined the Times in 1997, gives the lowdown on the new guy: Dealey, a U.S. News contributor, is based in Washington, writing on national and foreign affairs. Besides […]

VIDEO: ‘Brown Revolution’ Nationwide

Watch this video from ABC’s “Good Morning America”: “The Scott Heard ‘Round the World” has inspired grassroots activists nationwide — John Fund has a feature article about Brown today — and as I explain at The American Spectator: One of the volunteers on Brown’s campaign is now running for Congress in Alabama, and emulating the “straight talk, no BS” theme. […]

The Center Can Be No-Man’s Land

by Smitty Libertas et Memoria captures succinctly the tactical problem for the POTUS: the irresistible force of the Left, verses the immovable object of the Right, coming together as gently as a tsunami and a city for the administration. However, the real feeling of doom in the air, in my opinion, has more to do […]

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