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Beat Keith Ellison . . . For the Children!

Posted on | October 8, 2010 | 14 Comments

There are 435 congressional districts in America and even a stone political junkie can’t keep up with every campaign in the country. So I sometimes run across great candidates more or less at random:

Republican Joel Demos seems like he’s got a great sense of humor, and he’ll probably need it, because the 5th District of Minnesota makes San Francisco look moderate by comparison. Probably Ed Morrissey or some other Minnesotan could explain why this district is so mind-numbingly liberal.

Maybe “liberal” isn’t the right word. Dhimmi is more like it.

The incumbent Democrat, Keith Ellison, could very well be Osama bin Laden’s favorite member of Congress. Seriously: This guy is from what I call the Sirhan Sirhan wing of the Democratic Party. Pamela Geller has extensively chronicled Ellison’s ties to Hamas, ISNA and CAIR.

You might think, what with all these “progressives” portraying the GOP as a Zionist neocon imperialist conspiracy, Joel Demos must be sitting on a fat stack of Republican Jew money.

And you would be wrong. In fact, despite the Jewish-controlled media that Rich Sanchez warned us about, most people probably didn’t even know Keith Ellison had a Republican opponent. Red State’s Moe Lane did an interview with Demos, but that’s about it.

So here’s your chance to rectify this error. Give Joel Demos $20.

Yeah, I know. It seems like kind of a long shot, but look at this picture of Joel, his wife Jenny and their two cute little kids:

You’re looking at that picture and saying, “Oh, how sweet!”

Meanwhile, Keith Ellison’s supporters are looking at that picture and shouting: “Death to the infidel dogs!

And you know something? Demos has been starting to get attention lately, by airing his clever ads during football games in Minnesota. So while Keith Ellison’s supporters are busy planning how to blow us to smithereens and impose sharia on the survivors, the normal red-blooded Americans in the 5th district are seeing this nice guy with his cute kids talking about the national debt.

C’mon: Give $20 to help elect Joel Demos.

Because if you don’t, the terrorists have won.



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