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Nikki Haley Update: Good Fight Worthwhile

Posted on | October 21, 2010 | 12 Comments

by Smitty

Jesse Hathaway offers an excellent overview of one of the more sordid examples of Lefty character assassination this campaign season. If it isn’t Sarah Palin it’s Nikki Haley, or Sharron Angle, or Christine O’Donnell, or Carly Fiorina, or Meg Whitman. Thankfully free of a suspicious nature, I’m somehow capable of avoiding the conclusion that there is a streak of misogyny on the Left. Oh, these lying eyes of mine.
But back to Jesse’s story, where he concludes:

Palmetto State politics may be corrupt, but fresh, outsider candidates such as Haley seek to change that, and it appears that the War on Nikki Haley will be for naught.

Noted New York Times blogger and former sports statistician Nate Silver has run 100,000 separate Monte Carlo simulations, each with “random variation in local and national [environmental effects],” and has come to the conclusion that Haley has a 91.1 percent chance of winning in November. Silver’s analyses are considered the gold standard in political circles, and his predictions rarely miss.

The War on Nikki Haley is nothing more than the death throes of a moribund, elitist ruling class of politicos.

Perhaps Jesse is overly optimistic here. He is, after all, young. Yeah, we may chop back the current crop of moribund elitists, but what really matters will be the attention afforded by the common voters going down the road. BHO was quite correct to point out that sunlight is a great disinfectant. However, it’s you and me that have to be that shining sun on the hill. Otherwise, these elitists will beat us down every time, often in the name of lifting us up, or some other folk tale.

Aside: could Jim Clyburn be in trouble?


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