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Teavangelical Party?

Posted on | November 5, 2010 | 7 Comments

by Smitty (via HotAir)

The Brody File:

Here’s the bottom line: conservative Evangelicals see fiscal issues as moral issues.

  • Fiscal responsibility is an ethical issue. There are plenty of retarded things one can do with money sans prevarication, which would make the idiocy immoral in addition to stupid.
  • Plenty of Jews, Atheists, and Roman Catholics &c are at Tea Parties: how ill-liberal of you to toss them under the Evangelical bus.
  • As a humble Evangelical, the need for the pejorative tone in the The Brody File escapes me. Possibly you’ll come to my church of a Sunday and afford me the benefit of your innate superiority, from which my knuckle-dragging, nose-breathing, uni-brow Baptist self could clearly benefit.
  • At what point does out-of-context denigration of religious faith become bigotry?  Or is bigotry one of those asymmetric notions that only Christians themselves are capable of producing?

Less cheekily, the only event I’ve attended featuring significant spiritual content was Beck’s Restoring Honor, but that was mostly ecumenical in character. So phooey on your Teavangelical notion, Brody.


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