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LIVE AT FIVE – 11.12.10

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Iraqiya Bloc Walkout Could Torpedo Fragile Unity Government

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki

Sunni-backed bloc claims promises by other parties already being broken

Cash, Cows And Cars Block US/ROK Free Trade Agreement
No deal before G-20 meet goes down

Bowles Tweaks White House For Lack of Serious Bipartisanship
“I told people in the White House I had spent more time listening to people in the opposition party than they had done as a whole group.” Meanwhile, Obama distances himself from Congressional Dems’ flaming and handwaving.


Nancy Reagan To Host Debate For 2012 Hopefuls

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan and House Minority Leader John Boehner

Campaign trail to the White House starts from the Reagan Library next spring

Palin Praises Perry, Blasts Obama As “Most Pro-Abortion President”

AP Poll: Little Hope For Political Compromise

Lots Of Fuss But No Final Answers In NY-25 Yet

Walsh Campaign Confident Of Victory, Gets Lawyered Up and Backup From GOP Anyway

Chances Of DADT Repeal In Lame-Duck Session Fading

Anonymous Democrat Activists Are Revolting; Nutroots Up In Arms Over Possible White House Compromise On Bush Tax Rates?


Yahoo Looking Into Job Cutbacks In Its Consumer Service Group

PRC Diesel Squeeze May Push Oil Over $100/Barrel

Infighting Breaks Out In PRC As National Statistics Bureau Ripped For Fudging Inflation Numbers On The Low Side

Christie’s To Auction Apple I; Expected To Bring Over $160K

EWeek Top Ten List: Why The Samsung Galaxy Tab Is A Contender

Firefox 4 Regains Speed Mojo
No need to think in Russian; Clint Eastwood not available for comment


Celtics Beat The Heat Second Time Around, Too

LeBron James guards the Celtics Rajon Rondo

Evidently it takes more than hype to win in the NBA. Who knew?

No Turk For You, Kentucky!

Lightning Grounded By Caps, 6-3

Thrashers Snap 3-game Losing Streak With Win Over Wild

Sterger Finally Talks To NFL About Favre’s Junk

Clippers’ Blake Griffin Falls Victim To Shake Weight Menace (Video)


Carrie Prejean Pregnant

Carrie Prejean

Due in May 2011. 🙂

National Enquirer: The Fight That Ended Billy Ray’s Marriage

Marie Osmond Opens Up To Oprah About Son’s Death

Gwyneth Paltrow Shows Off Her Chops At CMA

Dick Van Dyke: Porpoise Driven

Jane Fonda Discloses Breast Cancer; Is Now Cancer Free

Hulk Hogan Readies For Marriage #2


Taliban Car Bomb Shatters Pakistani Police Compound; 15 Dead, 100 Injured

Rumors: Aung San Suu Kyi to Be Released Soon

Could Double Agent Have Blown Chapman’s Cover And Other Russian Agents In The U.S.?

Hezbollah Vows To Block Arrests Of Its Members In Hariri Assassination

Cuba Denounces Castro Mission In “Call Of Duty: Black Ops”, Nobody Cares


Neo-Neocon: Yes We Will, No We Won’t – The White House Is Waffling Again

Hit & Run: Why Deficit Reduction Is Hard

Atlas Shrugs: Some Attendees At Capitol Hill Muslim Prayer Group Have Terror Ties

William Teach: Ezra Klein Says Midterm Collapse Is Joe Lieberman’s Fault

Don Surber: Tea Party Jumps Shark on DWTS?

Ed Morrissey: TIME Blames Tea Party For Hyperinflation In Advance

Gates Of Vienna: Burning Poppies To Celebrate The English Caliphate

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