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U.K. Rape-Gang Leader’s Ex-Girlfriend ‘Wasn’t Surprised’ by His Crimes

Posted on | November 28, 2010 | 1 Comment

Notice that she “felt like something wasn’t right” about Mohammed Saddique, and yet she couldn’t say no to him:

A FORMER girlfriend of the ringleader of a Derby gang which raped and abused at least 27 girls has described evil Abid Mohammed Saddique as a “puppet master”.
Toni-Marie Redfern was horrified to discover that during their 18-month relationship the “sexual predator” was waging a campaign of assaults on vulnerable victims as young as 12. . . .
“When I found out what he had been doing I felt physically sick,” said Toni-Marie.
“It sounds awful, but I wasn’t surprised. I felt like something wasn’t right from the moment I met him. Even then, I was thinking ‘what have you got yourself into?'” . . .
All the time he was preying on girls in Derby, he was dating Toni-Marie, who was unaware her boyfriend was married to another woman, with a child on the way.
Toni-Marie was 16 when she met Saddique, who cornered the teenager while she was out shopping.
Now 20, she said: “For some reason I turned round and caught the eye of Saddique. He was with Liaqat and they just made a beeline for me. . . .”

Saddique easily deceived Toni-Marie  — both about his marriage and his serial abuse of other girls — despite her sense that there was something wrong about his behavior. Meanwhile, at least one of the Derbyshire gang’s victims had been previously abused:

A SCHOOLGIRL, who was in the care of the city council when she fell victim to a gang of Derby perverts, had been groomed and sexually abused by another man only months earlier, the Telegraph can reveal.
The youngster was placed in a children’s home by Derby City Council for her own protection after police arrested Ansar Hussain, who targeted her when she was just 13.
But despite being under the supervision of social workers, she fell into the clutches of evil Abid Mohammed Saddique and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat – the ringleaders of a gang who raped and abused 27 girls.
And now the council has admitted that it failed to spot clear signs that she was being sexually exploited not once – but twice.

And here’s the Understatement of the Year:

“The public are not so aware of the dangers men like these pose to young people.”

Gee, do you think the public might be more aware if the media and public officials in England weren’t always tiptoeing around uncomfortable facts in an effort to avoid offending “men like these”?



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