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The Angry Left Turns Against Obama

Posted on | December 7, 2010 | 11 Comments

Have you ever seen Fatal Attraction? He’s Michael Douglas, the Democrats are Glenn Close, and now it’s bunny-boiling time:

Resentments between President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats that began simmering even before their mid-term disaster are nearing a boil on Capitol Hill, as liberals make clear that Obama’s efforts to strike a lame-duck deal with Republicans will come at a cost: Open and on-the-record taunting about whether the president is a patsy. . . .
The general sentiment, as described by one participant: “What the [heck]? Could we have a little fight before we cave? Why go right to surrender?”
Outspoken Democrat Anthony Weiner of New York compared it to “punting on 3rd down — it seems the president is not seeing the value of being on [the] offense.”
“You can’t let Republicans win on this. There’s no more central campaign promise made by President Obama than to repeal the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and he needs to be willing to fight on this,” said Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which on Monday circulated quotations from some of Obama’s 2008 campaign organizers who are threatening to pull their support in 2012 over the tax cut. . . .

You can go read the whole thing. Of course Adam Green’s list of angry leftists “threatening to pull their support” don’t mean a word of it, and Obama knows it. This is just empty noise. They’ve got nowhere to go, no alternative candidate with the guts to challenge Obama in the 2012 Democratic primaries.

Look at Ezra Klein playing the role of the Left’s David Brooks, admiring the crease in the presidential pants-leg. Meanwhile, the actual Left is all sputtering impotent rage about the “monstrous” compromise.

And as for “outspoken” Anthony Weiner’s complaint that Obama “can’t let Republicans win,” guess what? Republicans already won.

Biggest GOP landslide in more than 60 years.

And, dear reader, you helped make this happen. Ann Marie Buerkle, Renee Ellmers, Adam Kinzinger, Daniel Webster, Tom MarinoChip Cravaack, Morgan Griffith, Allen West . . . these are a few of the names of candidates highlighted here during the 2010 campaign who are now weeks away from becoming members of Congress.

Many of you contributed to those campaigns, others of you helped support some of the long-shot challengers who didn’t quite make it. But mounting that kind of broad-front attack on the Pelosi Democrats — supporting strong challengers even in deep-blue districts like AZ-7, MA-4 and MD-5 — was essential to preventing the Democrats from concentrating their resources to defend key races elsewhere.

You beat them, you see. And now the Democrats are dealing with the bitter consequences of their defeat. Enjoy the show. It’s only going to get better.

BTW, Professor William Jacobson is encouraging Rhode Island’s Republican Gov. Don Carcieri to challenge Democrat Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse in 2012. Check it out. Let’s get started early on kicking some more Democrat ass.

I love the sound of whining Democrats in the morning. Sounds like . . . victory!


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