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FMJRA 2.0: I’ll Have The Dance Beats With A Side Order Of Ambient, Please

Posted on | February 5, 2011 | 6 Comments

Power Line Gets Scalped: Did Indian Tribe Money Influence Akin Gump Decision?

In Case You Didn’t Notice, ObamaCare Is Both Unconstitutional and Un-American

Egypt Gets Violent, Obama Gets Angry, Networks Get Ratings, I’ll Pop the Popcorn

Spare Us Your Sermons

Who Will Be the Bob Dole of 2012?

Egypt: ‘Attaboy, Mubarak’?

‘In the Name of Tolerance’

Egyptian Uprising: Latest Updates

FMJRA 2.0: Fresh Pond Parkway Edition

So nice, she linked it thrice!

Chris Matthews: ‘Blame Bush!’

Education Bubble Reaches Egypt?

‘Climb Back Into That Academic Vagina’

Herman Cain Attends Koch Brothers Meeting, Causes Left-Wing Freak-Out

‘Regime Change’ in Egypt?

Rule 5 Sunday: Is Cairo Burning?

Six Days and a Rib

Young Women: This Probably Explains Why Guys Only Want You For Sex

Van Jones and Other Marxist Scum Protest Koch Brothers’ Meeting

When It Comes to Foreign Policy, Let’s Trust Alan Colmes and Jimmy Carter!

Haiku Sonnet For Sarah Palin

Your Daily Egyptian Update

Got Any Good Jon Huntsman Jokes?

Egyptian Mob Explains That ‘Freedom’ Means ‘We Got to Destroy Israel’

Massive New Protests in Egypt

Army Chief Lt. Gen. Sami Enan Likely Mubarak Successor, Says French Report UPDATE: Mubarak Gives TV Speech, Will Step Aside After September Election

Egypt: Crisis Averted? Obama’s Speech: Transition ‘Must Begin Now’ (VIDEO)

Now That Obama Has Saved Egypt From Disaster, It’s Time to Blog About Charlie Sheen and Other Screwed-Up Celebrities UPDATE: Justin Bieber Video Added!

LIVE AT FIVE – 2.2.11

Crisis in Cairo Continues: Egyptians Ignore Obama, Resort to Violence

In Desperate Bid to End Cairo Violence, Levi Johnston’s Sister Agrees to Pose Nude

Egypt! Egypt! Egypt!

VIDEO: Battle of Tahrir Square

EGYPT: Today’s Latest News Updates: Mubarak Warns of ‘Chaos’ (Video) UPDATE: Five-Day Internet Shutdown Cost Egyptian Economy $90 Million UPDATE: Blogger ‘Sandmonkey’ Free UPDATE: Tanks Fire on Protesters?

Rednecks: A Global Phenomenon

How Screwed Are We?

‘How Many Girls Have to Die?’

‘The End of Blogging’? No, It Just Proves That Nothing Succeeds Like Success

Virginia Muslim Institute?

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