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Is Charlie Sheen Really ‘Winning’?

Posted on | March 22, 2011 | 21 Comments

Between the Fukushima crisis and the war in Libya, I sort of lost track of the important news:

So to hear some tabloid websites tell it, the TV business has basically forgotten about all of Charlie Sheen’s astoundingly bad behavior and is now in a race to get him back in primetime. CBS honcho Leslie Moonves, per the musings of Radar Online, is basically begging Charlie Sheen to come back to Two and a Half Men and has told all other parties involved in the dispute to do whatever it takes to make the Warlock happy. Meanwhile, over in Mayor Harvey Levin’s TMZ township, some of the most important brass at Fox met with Sheen and are already discussing how to find a way to have the ex-sitcom star take on Conan, Jay and Dave with his own late-night show. Sheen isn’t just winning, according to this narrative — he’s practically the most in-demand actor in Hollywood right now! But is any of this true?

What Josef Adalian then offers is just guesswork. Maybe well-informed guesswork, but still just guesswork.

And while my own guesswork is almost certainly less well-informed, I’ve got a hunch that Team Sheen is just trying to hype their guy’s profile: “Yeah, got a lot of meetings with network executives! Talking about new contracts! We’ve got CBS eating out of our hand, baby!”

Not buying it. Notoriously temperamental hooker-chasing cokehead obscenely denounces the hottest TV producer in Hollywood, then has a psychotic breakdown in public . . . annndd everybody’s just dying for a chance to work with him now? I doubt it.

But it’s Hollywood. Crazier things have happened there.


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