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Charlie Sheen Fails To Retain Stacy McCain As A Creative Consultant, With Predictable Results

Posted on | April 4, 2011 | 4 Comments

by Smitty

Lots of other blogs are reporting the disaster, but the title hit me when I saw Another Black Conservative. Emphasis mine:

One of the big underpinnings behind Sheen being entertaining is the fact that the man was having a meltdown. For whatever reason, we all love to watch those who reached the top have a spectacular crash to the bottom. Putting on a show and taking it on the road, isn’t exactly crashing to the bottom. To make matters worse, it appears Sheen just did not have enough material for a show.

Hopefully this bomb will speed the end of the Sheen fad.

Or will it? Will the failure to retain Stacy McCain, coupled with abject disaster onstage, compel the GOP to start running Sheen for the 2012 nomination? Let’s face it, kids: the incumbent is setting the bar somewhere around “dive” for November 2012. About the only strategy the GOP can pursue with any hope of scoring a suitable anti-victory is to tunnel under the bar and score a direct hit on the septic tank in the basement.
Sheen is a man who can do that.

Charlie Sheen 2012!

(says the GOP)


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