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Hey, Obama’s Running for Re-Election!

Posted on | April 4, 2011 | 15 Comments

I’m sure you’re shocked to learn that Barack Obama has decided he wants to be president another four years. What may be most shocking about it is this Obama campaign ad without Obama:

Ed Morrissey noticed the obvious problem:

The Obama 2012 team released its first web ad this morning, but other than a couple of long-distance clips, Obama himself is nowhere to be seen. Equally absent — any hint of issues or claims of accomplishments

The video gets more analysis from Michael Scherer of Time:

Look at the video’s opening montage: A corn-field, a small-town church, a row of middle class homes with the stars and stripes flying on the stoop. These are not the scenes of places where Obama will find most of his voters in 2012. . . .
Obama is telegraphing his target demographics. Just look at the people who speak: A Hispanic woman from Nevada, a white guy from North Carolina, a peach-faced college kid, a white woman from Colorado, a black woman from Michigan. Notice the emphasis on women, who fill in just about every b-roll shot from the video. . . .
The most interesting quote of the video comes from the southern white guy. “I don’t agree with Obama on everything. But I respect him and I trust him.”

The RNC has a video response:

Jerry Wilson explains the basic problem of Obama 2012:

Since as of yet my unicorn has yet to arrive, I’m assuming that Obama won’t be spending any great amount of time running on fulfilled promises from the 2008 campaign. Sarcasm aside, Obama’s greatest obstacle to re-election isn’t whoever ends up the GOP nominee. It’s his own record since taking office. More specifically, the lack thereof.

And hey, I’ve got your Obama re-election slogan:

Because He Hasn’t Totally Fucked Up Everything Yet


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