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Vince Shlomi’s ShamWow ‘Love Slave’

Posted on | April 7, 2011 | 8 Comments

Pictured above is 23-year-old Jennifer Kosinski, a model who worked as a personal assistant for Vince Shlomi — the famous TV informercial pitch-man for ShamWow and Slap Chop — and who has now filed a federal lawsuit against her 46-year-old former boss:

Kosinski moved to Miami Beach, where she became Shlomi’s personal assistant (and lived rent-free in a spare bedroom in his $3.6 million oceanfront South Beach condominium).
Along with cleaning Shlomi’s home, shopping for his groceries, and cooking his meals, Kosinski contends that she also handled customer service responsibilities and had to attend “dinners, parties, and events with him.” For this she was paid $4500 monthly. . . .
Shlomi’s behavior, Kosinski claims, grew more “bizarre and inappropriate.” Though she made it clear that their relationship would remain platonic, Kosinski alleges that a controlling Shlomi pressured her to become romantically involved. . . .
When Kosinski rebuffed Shlomi’s advances, he allegedly called her a “b—-” and a “c—,” specifically because she “would not tell him the ‘secret formula’ that he claims existed for her to like him in a romantic manner.”

Charlie Sheen just emailed me to say he’s going to have to up his game,” says Ace. What I don’t get is how this apparently successful guy could be such a loser in the romance department. My wife is plenty sexy, and I never even had a $3.6 million oceanfront South Beach condo.

Guess I’d better shut up, before she leaves me for the ShamWow guy.


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