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Obama: Let Them Eat Hybrids!

Posted on | April 10, 2011 | 6 Comments

Jim Lakely of the Heartland Institute points out that Obama appears to mock the questioner with 10 kids who asked about high gas prices:

The president talks oil prices as if he actually knew something about either oil or economics. What Obama neglects to mention is that his administration’s own policies are a key factor in the price increase. But now it appears that the civil war in Libya (which Obama witlessly escalated three weeks ago) may soon end in a negotiated peace:

Embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, in negotiations with the African Union, has agreed in principal to a deal that would end the conflict in the nation he’s ruled for 42 years, South African President Jacob Zuma told reporters Sunday.
Negotiations remained under way Sunday night between Gadhafi and the African Union delegation.
Details of the agreement were not available, though it is believed to include an immediate ceasefire in the nearly two-month long war between Gadhafi’s forces and those fighting to unseat him. . . .
After staying overnight in Tripoli, the African Union delegation will fly Monday to the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi to meet with opposition leaders there.

So on March 3, Obama declared Qaddafi “must leave.” Now he’s like Emily Litella: Never mind.


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