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Trump Is A Tea Party Favorite?

Posted on | April 15, 2011 | 17 Comments

by Smitty

Alan Colmes accuses Trump of being a Tea Party favorite. Usefully, Colmes points out that Trump is, at best, an opportunist.
Stacy McCain’s admonition not to let opponents pick candidates for you applies.
The Tea Parties never hired Trump, as far as I heard. Once the media finds the next thing as shiny as Trump’s scalp, he and that risible hairstyle will be fired.
I’m not sure even Ladd Ehlinger, Jr. could make Trump interesting on more than a passing basis.
Oh, and I don’t seriously think West would work for Trump. If that eventually happens, then I have seriously misunderstimated one of two.

Via Lucianne, the NY Sun is predicting a Constitutional crisis over Arizona’s ‘birther bill’.

But it may also be that Arizona — of any one or several of a number of other states — will try to deny a sitting president of America access to the ballot in a campaign for a second term. A spokesman for the Tea Party at Arizona was quoted the other day at by the New York Times saying the Arizona measure is “not a birther bill” and “not about Mr. Obama.” She called it “about preventing any questions from coming up in the future, putting something in place so no one could question it.” So we could be confronted with the basic bargain of the American founding, that it was a contract between the states and the people and the states. And it’s something to imagine how the constitutional sparks would fly.

One fails to understand who is denying whom anything. The President was born in Hawaii, by his own attestation. So it should be as unreasonable as a TSA frisking for Arizona to ask whatever it likes in the way of documentation of any candidate desiring to get on the ballot there.
My prediction: no crisis achieved here. Whether or not that’s due to preemption by another crisis remains to be seen. One wishes for something more boring, despite the desperate cries of some for more excitement.


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