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FMJRA 2.0: O Superman

Posted on | May 8, 2011 | 4 Comments

“…and when force is gone, there’s always Mom. Hi, Mom!”

S.C. GOP 2012 Presidential Debate UPDATE: HERMAN CAIN WINS!

Herman Cain Wins 2012 Presidential Forum in Manchester, New Hampshire

Obama Administration Won’t Release Photos of Osama Bin Laden Dead UPDATE: Sarah Palin Urges Release of Photos ‘As a Warning to Others’

White House Can’t Get Its Story Straight on How Osama Bin Laden Was Killed

Herman Cain Set to Win S.C. Debate

Question: Why Doesn’t The CompSci Matter In Computer Science?

How Early Is Too Early To Warn Your Son About Those Girls? The Third Trimester?

Porn Is The Third Question

Facial Hair That Only Andrew Sullivan Could Love

Birth Certificate Proves Ace of Spades Was Born on the Forest Moon of Endor

National Offend a Feminist Week 2011

Feminists vs. the FBI

Albert Haynesworth, Victim

BREAKING: Libya Spokesman Says NATO Strike Killed 3 of Qaddafi’s Grandsons UPDATE: Attack Also Reportedly Kills Qaddafi’s Youngest Son, Saif al-Arab, 29

The Politics of Nostalgia

VIDEO: Andrew Breitbart vs. Bill Maher

Obamas Birth Certificate As A Distractor?

Professor Reynolds and Journalism

FMJRA 2.0: We’re An American Band

Going to the Hospital
UPDATE: Diagnosed With Pneumonia

Rule 5 Sunday: The Marshall Plan

Obligatory Osama Post

Selecting The Next Bob Dole Proving More Than A Trifle Tedious

How Smitty Killed Osama bin Laden

VIDEO: You Knew This Was Coming

Paul Krugman: Invisible Pimp Hand Strongly Squeezes Gay Buttock Near You

Will No One Rid Us Of This Troglodyte And His Osama Theories?

‘USA! USA! USA!’ (I’m Just Saying That Because It Bothers Liberals So Much)

Just a Coincidence, I’m Sure

Feminists Offended by TV Commercial; Osama bin Laden? Not So Offensive

Two Kinds of Crazy

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.03.11

Congressional Investigation Exposes White House ‘Transparency’ Myth

‘Renounce and Abjure’

Fun With Pneumonia Update: I’m Still Sick, But These Drugs Are Great!

Rep. Allen West: End Aid to Pakistan

Youthful Ignorance

It’s Kinda Hard to ‘Work the Refs’ When the Refs Are Playing for the Other Team

St. Lawrence the Sanctimonious

Feminism: Synonym for Insanity? How to Lose $10 Million on a Startup Web Site in Three Months

Pneumonia Update, Etc.

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.05.11

Bin Laden Dead; Liberal Media Sick

Death Porn Is Not The Answer

Let Me Generalize Mr. Rumsfeld

Arianna Huffington Offers Exciting New Opportunities for You to Blog for Free!

Obama at Ground Zero

Bubble Bursts? Wall Street Tumbles, as Silver Prices Slump on Margin Hike

LIVE AT FIVE – 05.06.11

Dept. of Not Getting It

‘Smart’ Pundits Sneer at Herman Cain

VIDEO:  Michael Moore Tells Americans How To Be Good Americans – Like Him!

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