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World’s Youngest Blogger Reacts To News Of Ridiculous, Irresponsible Government That Molests His Future

Posted on | June 12, 2011 | 10 Comments

by Unborn Son of Smitty (who likes Instapundit but was nonplussed by his recent Full Sherman)

Look: I wasn’t born yesterday, and may not be born tomorrow, but I have every confidence that I will be born Real Soon Now. Mother grows impatient, and threatens to eject me from the ‘house’, so to speak.
And to face what? I have not learned to count yet, and the same seems true of the government. How is it that purportedly adult people can spend more than a trillion dollars that does not exist, for the third straight year? Aside: what is straight and true about gaily, cheerfully destroying my future?

Vice President Joseph Biden and congressional leaders will meet several times next week to discuss a way to tackle the burdensome debt and increase the $14.3 trillion debt limit before Aug. 2, when the Treasury says the U.S will default. 

Oh, wait: ‘BFD’ Biden is on the case. Problem solved, for completely broken values of ‘solved’. Is it bad when even a -5 week old can see that absolutely nothing of value will come of this?
It is blatantly obvious to even the unborn observer that the Progressive Era of the last century has all the life of an abortion clinic. Biden is a ‘dead ideas’ man walking. The problem is beyond minor tweaking of the existing system. Time for the birth of a new era, America.


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