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Democrat Janice Hahn Stars in the New Viral Video Smash Hit of the Summer!

Posted on | June 14, 2011 | 40 Comments

Janice Hahn is the Democrat running for Congress in the July 12 special election in California’s 36th District, to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Jane Harman.

As a member of the Los Angeles City Council, Hahn promoted a program to use taxpayer money to hire convicted criminals as “gang intervention specialists.” Predictably, Hahn’s government employment program for gangsters amounted to a taxpayer subsidy for violent crime. New York Times, June 24, 2009:

LOS ANGELES — Federal agents announced criminal indictments for 24 high-ranking gang members, along with a prominent gang intervention specialist who associated with city politicians and routinely raised money from Hollywood’s elite.
The specialist, Alex Sanchez, director of Homies Unidos, a gang outreach organization in Los Angeles for more than a decade, was arrested and charged with a federal racketeering count for his alleged role in the assassination of a man in El Salvador in 2006.

Incredible as it may seem, Hahn actually called for a tax increase to pay for more of this dangerous nonsense:

Councilwoman Janice Hahn said she was happy to see the mayor’s plan to dedicate more money to gang prevention and intervention.
“What’s important is that we’re taking action. We’ve done the studies, we’ve seen the reports, the evidence is in. We need to act,” said Hahn, who has proposed a $30-a-year parcel tax to raise $40 million for anti-gang programs.

In 2008, Michelle Malkin was astonished to learn about this program:

City anti-gang money is going to convicted criminal gang-bangers who are hired as “gang intervention” specialists–while continuing their criminal activity.
The conduit? L.A. City Councilwoman Janice Hahn, who justifies the public pay-offs to gang members as a way to “keep the peace.”

Not surprisingly, the mainstream media is too busy celebrating Janice Hahn’s endorsement by Bill Clinton (who praises her “common sense solutions”) to bother examining Hahn’s involvement in the “gang intervention specialist” scandal. But somehow, I don’t think the media will be able to ignore that story much longer:

“Give Us Your Cash, Bitch” is directed by Ladd Ehlinger Jr.

This ad is sponsored by Turn Right USA, which is not connected to any candidate. And I’m pretty sure the Republican candidate, Craig Huey, is going to be as shocked as anyone by this video.

UPDATE: The director addresses the obvious accusation:

Before you charge racism at the ad, consider her one line in the video: “It takes a different kind of person to speak the language.” By that she means, it takes black people to talk to black people. It takes gang members to talk to gang members. They have their own language, we should coddle them. They’re not responsible for their actions if they murder someone, rape someone. They’re a minority.

Read the rest.

UPDATE II: The Daily Caller declares this the Most Offensive Attack Ad EVAH!

UPDATE III: Verum Serum and Flap’s Blog are now blogging the new video.


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