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Cut, Cap, And Balance

Posted on | June 21, 2011 | 7 Comments

by Smitty

My own thoughts on fixing the fiscal mess are probably too radical for reality. The Cut, Cap, and Balance pledge looks like a place to begin.
Also important: trust building activities. Given that the government, as a whole, has completely expended all confidence in its veracity, the idea of a “Balanced Budget Amendment” sounds like YAFE: Yet Another Futile Exercise. Real control will be exerted by voters at the ballot box, eliminating incumbents until some notion of the seriousness of the electorate sinks into these creeps. The years it would take to ratify such a swell-sounding figleaf of an Amendment would be plenty of time for new feats of verbal gymnastics. The BBA would join Amendment X in the ‘honored in the breach’ club.
A more serious overture by the Government would be load-shedding useless Excecutive departments/agencies, e.g. Labor and HUD, for two examples among many. Also worth considering: paring back both the scope and the ability to tax of the Federal government.
Struggle on, ye patriots.

Update: government goober Geithner goes gaga over ‘responsibility’. Recommendation: first, acquire credibility. In Turbo Tax Timmy’s case, the first step would involve resignation. Step two would be an extended, sincere public apology. Then, a few years of silence. After that, some notion of responsibility may have come to him.


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