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Genesis 12:3

Posted on | July 3, 2011 | 19 Comments

“And I will bless them that bless thee,
and curse him that curseth thee . . .”

Disagreements about foreign policy are one thing. Jew-hating is something else. When someone says, “Zionists not welcome,” watch out.

Da Tech Guy informs us that some unpleasantness has developed among counter-jihad bloggers, requiring me to say: I’m with Pamela Geller.

I stand by my concern about the increasing antisemitism in the ranks of the admins at the EDL. We have no intention of breaking with the EDL if they purge these antisemitic elements. If they do not, they will be finished as a force for good in England. I was immediately reassured that these rogue elements would be routed out. End of story.

Like Da Tech Guy, I come to this controversy without any knowledge of the backstory that caused Baron Bodissey to address an open letter to Pamela, and with no enmity toward anyone involved in this dispute. I note that my friend Stogie at Saberpoint signed the open letter, as did Diana West. Given that these people were staunch allies of Pamela during her war with Charles Johnson, I do not doubt the seriousness of the controversy, nor do I question the sincerity of their concern.

On the other hand, if Pamela detects a tendency toward anti-Semitism among some members of the English Defense League, shouldn’t concern be directed toward dumping the Jew-haters — or at least correcting a dangerous misimpression — rather than chastising Pamela?

Leaving aside entirely whatever led to this dispute (again I profess ignorance of the backstory), doesn’t it seem politically prudent for the EDL to err on the side of caution as regards any hint of tolerance toward anti-Semites? And if Pamela had cause to complain, doesn’t this suggest that at least the EDL has been less cautious than they should have been?

Better the blessing than the curse, I say. And some people might be surprised how faithful God is to His promises.

UPDATE: Thanks to Zilla of the Resistance for calling attention to the post with which Pamela Geller stirred up this blog storm, including this key sentence:

Notorious blogger Max Blumenthal at the Huffington Post have even gone so far as to call the EDL “Atlas’s Thugs.” And I never wavered.

Read the whole thing. Again, I profess ignorance of the backstory, but surely the fact that she’s hated by Max Blumenthal is all the justification any conservative needs to support Pamela.


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