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FMJRA 2.0: Crisis King

Posted on | July 10, 2011 | 4 Comments

CA-36: GAME-CHANGER! L.A. Station’s Report Destroys Democrat Janice Hahn

Rebecca Watson: ‘Stop Sexualizing Me!’

HOLY FREAKING CRAP! Casey Anthony Becomes the O.J. Simpson of Baby-Killers

‘Hey, TSA, Is That My iPad in Your Pants, or Are You Just Happy to Frisk Me?’

CA-36: Janice Hahn Spent a Million Scaring People, Now She’s Broke!

John Cornyn Endorses Obama on Taxes

Ghouls for Ginsberg?

The 7 Millionth Hit Approaches

Michele Bachmann Boogies!

FMJRA 2.0: Light & Magic

Satan Reads This Blog

Genesis 12:3

‘Signs of Strain Within the Campaign’ UPDATE: You Call This ‘Rumors’?

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.04.11

7,000,000 Hits, 7-Minute Blogs

Live Free or … SPLAT!

Rule 5 Independence Day

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.05.11

Another Cain Iowa Staffer Resigns

How Not to Dive Into a Lake

‘A Haunting Piece,’ IYKWIMAITYD

‘Like Losing Your Virginity …’

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.06.11

Feminism, Victimhood, Therapy

Golf Poses Are Usually Not Suggestive

I Bet Doug Hoffman Is Laughing Today

Iowa Organizer Says He’s ‘100 Percent’ Certain Sarah Palin Is Running

Milwaukee Celebrated 4th of July With Fireworks, Looting, Racial Mob Violence

Black People Say Casey Anthony Trial Proves America Is Racist or Something

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.07.11

Obama: ‘Hey, Grandma, There’s Still Room for You Under This Bus!’


Democrats to America: ‘Sucks to Be You!’

How @FilmLadd Feels Tonight

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.08.11

Does the Los Angeles Times Understand the Meaning of the Word ‘Discredited’? UPDATE: Hahn Admits Placing Call on Behalf of Rapist Gangster ‘P.J. Steve’

Prediction: BHO Does Not Even Complete Term, Much Less Run For Reelection Threatens Obama: ‘I Won’t Ever Give His Campaign Another Dime’

To the Reader Who Bought the 1/8 Carat Gold and Diamond Heart Pendant

Betty Ford, Dancer, R.I.P.

2001: ‘A Cultural Collapse’

Ann Althouse: Rube

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