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The Weird Reich

Posted on | July 15, 2011 | 11 Comments

It’s not unusual for strange ideas to turn up in Maureen Dowd’s column, but she found a really weird one this time: Adolf Hitler invented the blow-up sex doll!

The latest wacky Hitler story comes from the British author Graeme Donald. He says that, while researching a military book, he stumbled across a story that Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were so worried about German soldiers’ getting sexual diseases from French hookers that they cooked up a plan for soldiers to carry small blow-up blond, blue-eyed dolls called “gynoids” in their backpacks to use as sex “comforters.”
Donald said Himmler ordered 50 dolls but the soldiers were too embarrassed to carry them. “In the end the idea fizzled out,” Donald told The Sun, “and the place where they were made and all the dolls were destroyed in the bombing of Dresden.”

(Via Don Surber.)


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