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While We Have Not Yet Sold Any $120,000 7-Carat Diamond Rings …

Posted on | July 18, 2011 | 10 Comments

. . . I was very pleased to see on the Amazon Associates sales report that one of our readers bought a Motorola Xoom Android Tablet for $499.00, thus earning me a sweet 4% commission of $19.96.

Another reader bought a Nikon CoolPix camera for $109 — a $4.36 commission for me. Ka-ching! And then a reader bought a $119.99 Cuisinart food processor — a $4.80 commission. Ka-ching!

Lots of other readers bought lots of other stuff I didn’t even know you could buy from Amazon. For example, somebody bought a box of Crest 3D Whitestrips for $27.73 and somebody else bought 10 wide-angle LED flood lights for $19.99 each.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! These commissions can really add up, if you’ll just shop the Amazon Associates links here.

It doesn’t matter what you buy: Just click on one of the links, then shop around through Amazon’s huge selection and anything you buy during that visit from our links — ka-ching! — they pay me a 4% commission.

Now, some readers were understandably puzzled last night when I offered, among other selections for the rock-and-roll lifestyle, a 7-carat diamond ring for $118,195.37.

“Oh, come on, McCain — that’s crazy! How many people are going to be shopping around on Amazon and buy a diamond ring for nearly $120,000?”

Yeah, I know it seems crazy, and there probably aren’t a lot of people buying such big-ticket items from blog links. But if I can just sell one . . .



10 Responses to “While We Have Not Yet Sold Any $120,000 7-Carat Diamond Rings …”

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