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Strained Althouse Logic: Bipartisan Appeal Equals Presidential Disqualifier?

Posted on | July 25, 2011 | 13 Comments

by Smitty

Kind of a head-scratcher here (emphasis original).

. . .Sarah Palin’s rise to power in Alaska and her excellent achievements and immense popularity as governor. The problem is that all of this happened in the context of boldly and bravely challenging the corrupt Republican establishment. This made her very popular with Democrats in Alaska. She worked in a bipartisan way, mainly to extract money from oil and gas resources in Alaska, and that was popular with everyone, pushing her ratings above 80% in Alaska. She was raking in money for Alaskans and challenging the big corporations (and their inside dealings). What’s not for Democrats to like?

But once McCain brought her in as the vice presidential nominee and she launched into ripping up Barack Obama, her ratings plummeted in Alaska. And non-Alaskans never got up to speed about the things that had made her popular in Alaska.

And then she concludes:

Democrats were central to Sarah Palin’s greatness: That is the argument in the movie. If that is true, there is no greatness upon which to build a presidential bid.

As with the debt ceiling kerfuffle, the real problem besetting Governor Palin is boredom: we know the 02 August Line of Death couldn’t be less meaningful if had been decided by the Qaddafi One himself; also, the pregnant pause we all sort of anticipate will give birth to a Presidential run seems to be going on too long.
However, if and when Governor Palin decides to enter the race, then the question becomes whether the propaganda media has successfully poisoned the well to the point where she gains no significant traction. Yet, if The Undefeated’s thesis is valid, and she has the charisma to draw in significant Democrat support, then she should, well, draw significant Democrat support.
By the time the 02 August debt kerfuffle reaches its next stage of idiocy, making the anti-DC case shouldn’t be terribly hard.

Speaking of Sarah, via the FaceBook page above:

Victory Film Group and ARC Entertainment, the distributor of “The Undefeated,” the film about Gov. Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, jointly announced today that beginning on September 1st the film will be available to 75 million homes via Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View access through national and regional cable and satellite operators. The DVD will launch on October 4th and will be available at traditional and online retailers nationwide. ARC is estimating its initial unit shipment to be approximately 250,000 units. A “Special Edition” DVD will contain additional new content and will only be sold in Walmart stores. ARC will continue to expand the limited engagement theatrical release nationwide throughout August and September as demand across the country remains high.

Maybe we can have a viewing party. I’m planning some sort of Smittypalooza event for Friday, 07 October to celebrate just a few blessings.


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