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Solyndra: Feel The Brutality

Posted on | September 17, 2011 | 10 Comments

by Smitty

Amid the sending up of the idiot Lefty ‘Day of Rage’ noise, Dana Loesch drops this little YouTube grenade:

“Now, that’s the SOLYNRDRA advantage: clever acronyms. And child labor.”


10 Responses to “Solyndra: Feel The Brutality”

  1. JeffS
    September 17th, 2011 @ 11:00 pm

    Clever acronyms are patented by the Federal government.  Solyndra is SOL.

  2. Anonymous
    September 17th, 2011 @ 11:24 pm

    Heard Kirsten Powers saying that Solyndra represents only one percent of the money thrown at Green Energy. She spouted on about how we can’t let the Chinese “win the race for green energy technology”. Actually we can win that race. If we could take back every single dime we’ve squandered on this nonsense and removed all geographical limits on carbon exploration and exploitation we’d be back at the finish line.

  3. Bob Belvedere
    September 18th, 2011 @ 12:16 am

    Mrs. B. and I saw the same interview.

    She refused to answer any of Harris Faulkner’s direct questions.  She knows she can’t.

    Mrs. B. thought she hadn’t washed her hair.

  4. Bob Belvedere
    September 18th, 2011 @ 12:23 am

    Hey, Admiral!  When I see Dana Loesch’s name mentioned in a posting, I expect to see a picture of the gal…and I don’t think I’m alone in this.

  5. Anonymous
    September 18th, 2011 @ 12:38 am

    Several of the statements she made are simply false. You can tell when she’s done her homework or not. She almost draws the wrong conclusions but when she actually knows her facts she will have a moment or two of lucidity. She actually wrote a piece at the beast a few months ago on planned parenthood that I found worth reading.

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  8. Anonymous
    September 18th, 2011 @ 6:20 am

    It’s not real Dana prOn unless you see her photo… 🙂

  9. Adjoran
    September 18th, 2011 @ 7:27 am

    Yeah . . . what kind of clip joint is he trying to run here?

  10. ThePaganTemple
    September 18th, 2011 @ 12:56 pm

    Good grief, are you guys going to start whacking off over Hillary Clinton next? Dana Loesch. Yeah, I’m so disappointed Smitty didn’t post a pic of her I’m going to cry.