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Question the Timing: Planned Parenthood Bombing Before Wisconsin Primary?

Posted on | April 3, 2012 | 36 Comments

Watching MSNBC can be a weird experience. About 3 a.m., unable to sleep, I was flipping around the channels and happened onto Ed Schultz — who reminds me of every mean drunk I ever knew — going on and on about the alleged Republican “War on Women.”

I had the sound muted on the TV (because my wife was asleep) and what I was watching made no sense. What the heck was this about?

Why was there a Planned Parenthood logo at the bottom corner of the screen with the word, “FBI”? And why were they showing a statement by Rick Santorum condemning violence? Curious, I got up and did a Google search and found this Associated Press story:

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. — Police say a homemade explosive device damaged a Planned Parenthood clinic in eastern Wisconsin.
Authorities say someone placed the small device on an outside window sill about 7:40 p.m. Sunday at the clinic in Grand Chute, near Appleton.
Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck said in a statement that there was minimal damage to an exam room and that the clinic will reopen Tuesday. No one was in the building at the time.

That’s all there is to it. A “small device” that did “minimal damage” at an empty office — in Wisconsin, two days before the Republican primary.

So while this is enough to make Ed Schultz devote his Monday show to haranguing us about a Republican “War on Women,” I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this was actually some kind of hoax.

The FBI is investigating, and I’ll be eager to learn the result of their investigation because — call me a crazy conspiracy theorist — it seems rather illogical that if some kind of Cheesehead Misogynist Militia wanted to terrorize women, they’d do so with a “small device,” causing “minimal damage” at an empty office.


You catching my drift here?

Anyway, I hope the FBI cracks this case quickly, because MSNBC is achieving new heights of absurdity in playing connect-the-dots with this rather oddly timed incident, jumping to outlandish conclusions without any evidentiary basis. Here is Michelle Goldberg on “The Last Word” with Lawrence O’Donnell:

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Again, call me crazy for suspecting that this is some kind of hoax, but the logic just doesn’t work. If this was actually done by an anti-abortion extremist, wouldn’t this person realize that they were committing a federal crime? And if you were going to commit a federal crime, would you risk imprisonment for a “small device” that did “minimal damage”?


OK, maybe Wisconsin is home to America’s lamest anti-abortion extremists. It’s possible. Can’t rule that out.

At the same time, however, we know for a fact that Wisconsin is home to some particularly stupid Democrats. Remember the Democrats who slashed the tires of Republican get-out-the-vote vehicles in 2004?

After a three-month investigation, Sowande Omokunde, the son of U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore, Michael Pratt, the son of former Milwaukee Mayor Marvin Pratt, Lewis Caldwell, and Lavelle Mohammad, from Milwaukee, and Justin Howell, from Racine, were each charged with a felony count of criminal damage to property.

Notice that it took a three-month investigation before there were any charges filed in that case. It may be months before we have any idea who committed this crime at the Planned Parenthood office, and therefore all this “War on Women” hype on MSNBC is ridiculously premature. Via Steve Ertelt at Life News, here is Rick Santorum’s statement:

“Violence is never the answer, and I will always condemn any and all violent attacks against our fellow Americans.  In this country, we resolve our differences through political discussion and free and fair elections — never by violence. This upcoming election is about restoring freedom and liberty in America, and a key part of that is to restore a culture that values human life and the dignity of all Americans.  While we can and should work to defund Planned Parenthood and push back against government mandates that force Americans and religious institution to violate their faith, violence against our fellow citizens has no place in a freedom-loving America.”

Violence is never the answer, and neither is voting for moderates from Massachusetts. On, Wisconsin! Vote for Rick Santorum!

UPDATE: Why Is the U.S. Justice Department Monitoring the Wisconsin Primary?

UPDATE II: Police Arrest Suspect in Planned Parenthood Bombing — and at this point, police are refusing to name the suspect.


36 Responses to “Question the Timing: Planned Parenthood Bombing Before Wisconsin Primary?”

  1. AnonymousDrivel
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:04 am

    Somehow Zimmerman will be involved. I mean, he’s in “hiding,” right?

  2. AnonymousDrivel
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:09 am

    “Notice that it took a three-month investigation before there were any charges filed in that case.”

    AG Holder will surely get right on this case. Once he gets enough memos to cross his desk while he’s not looking, of course.

  3. Bob Belvedere
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:38 am

    It’s a sad commentary on the state of American Society in 2012 that your theory is probably correct.

    Get ready for a long, hot summer, filled with this kind of stuff.

  4. Donald Spitz
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    It would have been better if that babykilling abortion mill would have been burned to the ground.

  5. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:44 am

    On, Wisconsin! Vote for Rick Santorum!

    You still deluded?

  6. ThePaganTemple
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:49 am

    It’s obviously a Democrat dirty trick, probably could be easily traced to some union goon if the FBI aren’t hampered from doing their jobs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were to plant some incriminating “evidence” on somebody to make it look like the work of a Pro-Lifer, or a GOP conservative or Tea-Party member.

    The really sad thing is that most likely none of our candidates will have the guts to point out how suspicious all this is. But I guess they do have to tread somewhat carefully. After all, you already have one “conservative” commenter on here talking about how the bombing didn’t go nearly far enough, so you never can tell.

  7. Larimerica
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:52 am

    If this was actually done by an anti-abortion extremist, wouldn’t this person realize that they were committing a federal crime? And if you were going to commit a federal crime, would you risk imprisonment for a “small device” that did “minimal damage”?

    Your assertion that “real” anti-abortion bombers are too sane to ever fail is a little crazy. Eric Rudolph set off a total of four bombs but only managed to kill one person. Does that make him a “hoax” anti-abortion extremist?

  8. Lisa Graas
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:54 am

    How did you hyperlink that? When I try to hyperlink something here, I get this. This Man

  9. Lisa Graas
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:55 am

    Wow. How’d I do that??

  10. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:56 am

     I just reported your comment to the FBI.

    And alerted your local mental asylum.

  11. Lisa Graas
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 7:56 am

    #ActofGod : I believe in them.

  12. SDN
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:23 am

    Eric Rudolph at least used something bigger than an M-80 firecracker.

  13. Tennwriter
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:44 am

    Yeah, I’ve been engaged in rocket attacks on civilians.  Granted…it was bottle rockets, and the civilians were some guys I knew who were trying to do likewise to me on Halloween…..but its exactly the same thing as launching a SCUD missile.   NOT.

  14. Tennwriter
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 8:46 am

    I don’t believe in burning down abortion clinics.  I believe in charging them under criminal law, and taking all their property to be sold at public auction to pay down the public debt.

  15. Pathfinder's wife
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:04 am

    The real question is: will people on the right be baited into reacting rather than taking a proactive stance (and Santorum is doing a good job with that here).

    Once again it is not the event itself that is of (political) importance; it’s the reaction and counter reaction that is (Rashomon — the big story isn’t the real one).  Donut, not hole; keep an eye open for the trap.

    Of course, doubtless the trap will be far too tempting and people will fall for it…

  16. ThePaganTemple
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:17 am

     Charge them under what criminal law? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make something illegal before you file any kind of criminal charge? Unless you’re saying they’ve broken some relevant law involving interstate commerce or something. But even if that were the case, and you could confiscate their property, I seriously doubt it would make a dent in the national debt. By the time a day or less had passed the interest on the debt would probably more than make up for that.

  17. Charles
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:39 am

    Was there an actual bomb blast? Attempted arson would be a more apt description from what I’ve seen reported.

  18. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:42 am

     If there is no more agent to whack, one would have to wait for a considerable vacuum for the whacking to be invited in, and in such case no one is needed, an act of god would do.

  19. Tennwriter
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:43 am

    Its a cynical move, but if you make justice profitable, you get a lot more justice.

  20. Bob Belvedere
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:46 am

  21. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:46 am

    You are even more unwell than those advocating voilence on lawful abortion clinics. Get help, moron.

  22. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:55 am

     Do you even understand the meaning of the words like “law”,  “crime” and “justice” you write about? Are you retarded or what?

    Change your handle to “Teenwriter.”  That would be more apt.

  23. Tennwriter
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 9:56 am

    That’s the old liberal move….A. Its too small to matter  OR B. Its too terrifyngly big to deal with.  There is no C. Cut! Cut Now!

    The GOP needs to start small so they can build up public trust.  “See, the world did not end when we defunded planned parenthood.  Y’know, if we got rid of NPR, I bet it won’t trigger the Apocalypse.”

    I’m also willing to bet that they’ve violated some laws, considering some of these temples to Moloch killed delivered babies with scissors.  It is not much of a stretch to bet that some evil bastiches that felt protected from investigation did something nasty and illegal.

    Remember Breitbart and the underage prostitutes sting operation.  I’m cynical, but I would not have suspected they, that is the gov’t agencies,would be that low an ddisgusting.  Now…well, it would not surprise me if babies were being killed for snuff films.

    PT. what would Thor, protector of humanity, do to Moloch?

  24. Anamika
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 10:05 am

    Now…well, it would not surprise me if babies were being killed for snuff films.

    Nice fantasy there, keep dreaming. Next time try something even more disgusting to justfy your stupid comments about “charging abortion clinics under crimal law” (Not for lawful abortions! but for something I keep fantasizing about the criminal liberals in these sinful clinics.) Fuckin’ retard.

  25. Tennwriter
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 10:21 am

    I do believe I hit a nerve. 

    One way to cause social change is to dramatize the horrors involved (see The Jungle, I think).   And since its fiction its okay to logically speculate, or if you want to, just make up things.

    Like I came up with an idea of Margaret Sanger as a vampiress who only drank the blood of black babies.  Not that I think M. Sanger was a vampire….they’re way too classy.  She was a garden variety racist pschyopathic feminist with a degree in megalomania.

    Another way is to enlist greed.  One of the early English kings did well by doing good as he spread the writ of his justice over the nation.  Good for the nation, good for his treasury.

    Perhaps we could offer rewards for every abortion clinic legally harrassed out of existence.  Enviromental impact laws, lawsuits about racism (after all ‘disparate impact’ and lots more black babies get sliced up than white babies).  Then there is sexual discrimination lawsuits.

    And one of the benefits of these is that you might be able to finance yourself on your winnings.  Think of it as being like a modern day privateer. 

  26. ThePaganTemple
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 11:24 am

    This is just my own pet theory, but assuming Molech and Chemosh were real and the events of Sodom and Gomorrah were actually historical, a better question might be, what would those two angels sent to Sodom and Gomorrah do when they saw what kinds of gods Lots descendants turned them into and how they worshiped them.

    The major centers of Molech and Chemosh worship was Ammon and Moab, reseectivel;y so that would seem to be one of the major points of the story.

    Once Thor figured out most of those babies would otherwise grow up to be leftist peaceniks and/or ne’er-do-wells in general he’d probably just kick back, open up a six pack of Heineken and watch tonight’s Justified.

  27. vermontaigne
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 11:29 am

    You guys don’t even read my bloggings, do you?

  28. ThePaganTemple
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 11:35 am

     Anamika, anybody that aborts a baby, unless there’s a damn good reason to do so, is one sick ass motherfucker. That’s including the doctors as well as the parents of the child, most especially the mother. I don’t refuse to climb on board the Pro-Life bandwagon because I’m a supporter of the Pro-Choice movement, I just refuse to support anything that refuses to see a justification for any abortion, such as for provable rape and incest. The point that those make up probably two percent at the very most of all aborted pregnancies is an irrelevant detail to me. There should be some system and allowance set up to allow for those exceptions regardless, especially in the cases of ridiculously under-aged pregnant girls who’ve been raped, gang raped, or molested by their fathers or other relatives.

    If it weren’t for that, I’d have no problem with outlawing the procedure, and if some of the more heinous abortion doctors are killed in the meantime, well that’s unfortunate, but I won’t be shedding a lot of tears over it.

    I hope the day comes when Roe is overturned and the whole thing is turned back over to the states. I’m sure leftist women like yourself will continue to thin the herd out in sufficient numbers that maybe in time the rest of us can appreciate that at least your kind are down to manageable numbers.

  29. McGehee
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 12:24 pm

    I object to your making Anamika look reasonable. That’s not permitted.

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  31. Jack
    April 3rd, 2012 @ 2:04 pm

    I wonder what the future will say about America in a hundred years? Can you imagine a future where they will look at these abortion mills with the same horror that we regard the Nazis, Cambodia under Pol Pot, or Russia under Stalin? I pray for that future, because a future where the slaughter of infants is considered routine and acceptable is the very definition of Hell on Earth.

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  35. anna
    April 5th, 2012 @ 10:08 pm

    I think you need to look up “abortion” in the dictionary, because you really don’t know what it is. 

  36. anna
    April 5th, 2012 @ 10:55 pm

    Thankfully, Francis Gerald Grady was not successful, but to suggest that the Democrats had anything to do with this bomb is laughable. If anything, it’s the toxic rhetoric against women from the Right.