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I’ll Bet Hinderaker His Beverage Of Choice That Biden Is Out

Posted on | August 16, 2012 | 51 Comments

by Smitty

Power Line:

Is there any chance that President Obama will dump Biden from the ticket, as some are urging? I don’t think so. The Obama campaign, more than anything else, is feverishly trying to preserve the illusion that everything is going fine. Replacing Biden would be seen as an act of desperation and–even worse from Obama’s perspective–an admission of error.

Obama is about winning. Everything after the tactical consideration, even the long-term security of the country, is something “We’ll get to.” Biden is a liability to the campaign of a daily increasing magnitude. A reporter is going to bring up the Medicare question, for example, and Biden is going to blame state-level mismanagement.

Biden, don’t you know, is ‘experiencing early-onset Alzheimers’, or something. The narrative will shift to what a swell, compassionate guy Obama has been to keep Uncle Choo-Choo ’round these years. Alas, Obama, as a servant of the American people, cannot avoid the hard decisions. Obama has to put his deep affection for Biden aside, and accept Joe’s inability to support the ticket again this fall. With much weeping. Make sure the light hits them alligator tears.

Biden’s gaffes will be reported with increasing frequency and faux emotion between now and the DNC in Charlotte, starting on 03 September. Joe’s ‘illness’ (I’m not a doctor, he may have a no-kidding problem) will be a great, big, fat, emotional freebie. Joe becomes the human sacrifice, savaged by the plans of the evil Republicans. Barack is the savior of the AARP, fighting off that young wolf Ryan, who’s going to fix everything until thoroughly destroyed, don’t you know? Sorry that Ryan was able to take out Uncle Choo-Choo. Or did Biden bravely lay down his political life for the cause? A little martyrdom ain’t so bad, as long as it doesn’t thug any halo from Obama.

The major flaw in my theory is: Who replaces Joe? Who has the national name recognition to enhance the ticket, while posing no intellectual threat to anyone with a reading level above fourth grade? Who brings in the donors and freshens things up, while knowing how to lay by their dish? Do you trust Hillary? Can ManBearPig be persuaded that he can suck up a third VP term, if that’s what it takes to please Al Gore, Sr.? Do you try to counter the Ryan wave with some out-of-the-blue gutsy call?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Valerie Jarrett decides. More at Ace of Spades.


51 Responses to “I’ll Bet Hinderaker His Beverage Of Choice That Biden Is Out”

  1. keninil
    August 19th, 2012 @ 4:25 pm

    Biden already has had “sudden medical crises”. So I think they can still pull that one off–like a bad disk prob in his back or mild stroke or bypass surgery. Valerie Jarrett would probably pick herself as a replacement.