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Teen Mom’s Ex: ‘Sometimes I Don’t Even Know If I Know Who She Is Anymore’

Posted on | August 29, 2016 | 2 Comments


Kailyn Lowry is despicable trash, and I know every reader must be wondering: “Who the heck is Kailyn Lowry and why should I even care?”

In 2011, she became one of the stars of the MTV series Teen Mom 2. Trashy reality shows are the MTV “brand” since the network stopped playing music videos and became just another toxic current in the poisonous cultural undertow that is destroying Western civilization, and you need look no further than Kailyn Lowry to see why:

Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin revealed in a new interview with Us Weekly that he and ex-wife Kailyn Lowry have exchanged few words since she filed for divorce earlier this year. . .
“Our first priority is Lincoln’s happiness and Isaac’s happiness. Our second is for them to see both their parents happy, and together we’re both not happy,” he explained to Us. “I think we both decided that this is the best move and she’ll be happy and I’ll be happy.” . . .
As previously reported, the pair split in May after nearly three years of marriage. The MTV stars are parents of Lincoln, 2. Lowry, 24, is also mom to son Isaac, 6, with ex Jo Rivera. . . .

Permit me to interrupt the narrative here to call attention to the fact that Lowry, at age 24, has two children by two different men and is divorcing the father of her youngest son. Now we continue:

“We coparent, that’s it. So unless it has to do with the boys, we don’t talk,” Marroquin, who is in the Air Force, said. “I have nothing to say to her.”
As for rumors that Lowry cheated during their relationship? “I don’t wanna put too much out there, but she knows what she did. It’ll come out,” Marroquin told Us. “What’s done in the night will show in the light. It’ll all unravel. I just gotta keep my mouth shut and watch everything unfold.”
The reality star also claimed that his ex’s best friends were the ones who told him about Lowry’s alleged unfaithful behavior. “People want to be around good people, so when they don’t agree with what you’re doing, it’s gonna be brought to my attention,” he explained. “Just because you thought they were your best friends, clearly they were looking out for me. They let me know what’s going on.” . . .

Interrupting the narrative again, you see that Lowry’s ex-husband has tried to do the right thing. He’s in the military, he was deployed overseas for a while, but Kailyn . . . Well, she’s just trash — blonde, blue-eyed, smiley-face trash, the kind of “pretty poison” that foolish young men can’t resist until they learn their lesson the hard way:

In June, rumors swirled online that Lowry was in a same-sex relationship with her pal Becky Hayter. The MTV star denied the reports, but Marroquin says he doesn’t know what to believe anymore.
“[Becky is] a mutual friend of ours for years,” he told Us on Friday. “So I wasn’t really mad about that. … To be honest with you, [Kailyn]’s changed a lot. I left for six months and a lot has changed, so sometimes I don’t even know if I know who she is anymore. She’s living a different life than I thought we were going to.”

Yeah. “Misled,” as Kool & the Gang might say.

Let me wise you up, young man: Before you get involved with a girl, you’d better know her history, because history tends to repeat itself. Kailyn Lowry’s bisexuality was known long ago, and may have been a factor in her breakup with her first baby daddy back in 2012:

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry may have an on-and-off again relationship with her baby daddy Jo Rivera, but she also dates women, a source tells Star magazine.
“Kail was with a girl named Shelby … for about two years [starting in middle school],” the source says. But that ended when Jo came into the picture.
Jo didn’t care about Kailyn’s attraction to girls. “Jo knew about Kail’s relationship with that girl,” explains the source. “He thought it was a phase.”
But it was more than a phase as Kailyn allegedly cheated on Jo with a girl from high school named Gigi Hanna. “He knew and didn’t care,” says the source.
According to Gigi, though, she had something more serious with Kailyn. They stopped seeing each other after Kailyn’s son Isaac, 2, was born, but “we became close again and promised to never leave each other,” Gigi tells Star. “We moved in together.”
“They were both seeing guys [but] would make out and Gigi would sleep in her bed sometimes,” adds the source.

As much as I hate to play armchair psychologist, it was my friend Conservative Lesbian blogger Cynthia Yockey who pointed out to me that bisexual women often suffer from borderline personality disorder — unstable relationships, a tendency to cause emotional “drama,” etc. Something else to consider, and this is my own observation, is that the girl/girl thing frequently seems to emerge in young women who don’t have a good relationship with their mothers. The mom has too many problems of her own, dumps her daughter in daycare, whatever — the bottom line is the girl grows up feeling alienated from her mother and seeks out lesbian relationships as a way to deal with the deficiency of maternal love. But that’s just an amateur observation, and it might be unfair to generalize . . . Oh, wait:

Kailyn says her mom Suzi, who she says has dealt with alcoholism and addiction, called her Chunky Monkey.
‘Don’t most body image issues start at home?’ Lowry writes in her [2014 memoir]. ‘Mine did.’ . . .
Other revelations in the book are stories about two rapes, and an abortion at 16. . . .
She recounts a sexual encounter with a boyfriend named Toby in the ninth grade that turned aggressive.
‘Toby wouldn’t take no for an answer…. I didn’t want to sleep with [him], but he persisted. Denying him seemed fruitless.’
A pregnancy resulted and she had an abortion on her 16th birthday at her mother’s request, she says.

Alcoholic mom, neglected daughter — there is a pattern here, and you see how this kind of dysfunction gets passed on from one generation to the next, as a family inheritance. Failed relationships, substance abuse, mental health problems — does anyone at MTV actually care about the toxic effects of the “reality” they exploit for ratings and advertising revenue? Are we too judgmental in saying that it is wrong to make celebrities of young people involved in such lifestyles? In her 1997 book The Divorce Culture, Barbara Dafoe Whitehead described how the breakdown of the family has “spawned a generation of angry and bereaved children,” inflicting damage that is ignored by the privileged elite. Divorce “has won influential adherents in the society who defend family breakup as necessary for individual psychological growth and freedom,” Whitehead writes:

Society’s principal cheerleaders for expressive divorce have been its most economically advantaged and well-educated women, but only their message, and not their privilege, has been transmitted to their working-class “sisters.” . . .
Even though the state can require certain forms of parental support, mainly for the economic upkeep of children, it can do so at only minimal levels. . . . It cannot require divorced parents to set aside their anger and hostility and to assist each other in rearing their children. Consequently, compared with a system in which parents share a common household and voluntarily invest in their children, a family system characterized by a legally arranged and supervised parenthood is almost by definition one in which the levels of parental investment in children are likely to be low and somewhat fitful . . .

Because family breakdown has become so widespread — 40% of children in the U.S. are now born to unmarried women — it is increasingly difficult for young people to avoid becoming entangled in relationships with the emotionally damaged offspring of dysfunctional parents. Smart young men know the saying, “Never stick your d–k in crazy,” but what happens in a toxic culture that produces so many crazy women like Kailyn Lowry?


You really have to feel sorry for her two boys. Imagine growing up as the son of world-famous reality TV trash. Those boys are doomed.



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