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@instapundit: “I Was Never #NeverTrump”

Posted on | September 10, 2016 | 1 Comment

by Smitty

For that matter, I was never #NeverTrump. I’ve always said that I’d support him as the nominee, even though he wasn’t my first, or second, or third choice. Even Ed Driscoll here isn’t a #NeverTrump guy.

I was always Trump-willing in the specific case of a third-party run with a JEB nomination. We see how that turned out.

Lately, Tribble-head seems to be less of an Archie Bunker/Billy Mays/Tommy Boy chimera as the 2016 Crap Cabaret oozes down the hillside; underneath all that spin and whitewash you might detect my lack of enthusiasm for the chap.

Still haven’t figured out what to do with the ballot. I’ll be voting early, as I’ll be staffing the actual election. It’s also important to note that I’m in a district so blue that Her Majesty could stand before the polling station tossing puppies into a wood chipper and she’d still take VA-8 handily. Trump has been running ads here, so I guess someone thinks the state that elected Greasy Terry McAuliffe is in play.

As flaky as this whole experience has been, I think we have a major earthquake or three yet to play out. Given her status as a Gold Medal Liar, it’s unclear whether the whole hacking cough thing is legitimate frailty, or a convenient offramp, since the old rules about having a scandal (Benghazi, Chappaquaiddick, &c) age off seem a bit flaccid in the face of social media.

Irrespective of the results in two months, if the Republican insiders [are] ready to overhaul the GOP after the election or something one hopes that the conservative movement doesn’t sell out like a battered spouse who has somehow acquired a masochistic streak. Probably the hardest thing to stomach on social media has been the normally level-headed people asserting anyone has to vote a certain way, or they are secretly supporting The Candidate That Must Not Be Named. Haven’t we had enough intellectual dishonesty? Trump has, if nothing else, clarified the value of Tea Parties trying to reform the GOP internally. The post-Reagan GOP is an “irredeemable” Basket of Progress. (Redemption is not a corporate concept.)  But no worries: it’s more important that we get past the idea of party loyalty than anything else.

Keep the faith, people.


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