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#Charlotte ‘RUN THEM DOWN’ Gets @Instapundit Suspended From @Twitter

Posted on | September 22, 2016 | 2 Comments


Professor Glenn Reynolds’ response to the anarchy in Charlotte — where a criminal mob of hate-filled Democrat voters looted stores, attacked police and white civilians, and shut down a major freeway — was three words of advice to endangered motorists: “Run them down.”

The Twitter Thought Police suspended Professor Reynolds’ account.

What are we permitted to say about marauding gangs of thieves and thugs? The owners of Twitter have evidently hired Democrat Party activists to control the narrative on their platform, effectively turning it into a propaganda platform for a violent anti-white terrorist organization (to call #BlackLivesMatter what it actually is). Twitter’s policy can be considered an “in-kind” political contribution to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which is counting on #BlackLivesMatter to help her win key swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Ohio.

Do law-abiding citizens have no right to defend themselves against mob attacks? If a family is in their car on the highway and find themselves surrounded by a gang of criminals who have been roaming the streets committing violence, what are they supposed to do?


Todd Starnes analyzes the reality in Charlotte:

It was a night of terror in Charlotte, North Carolina.
A rioting mob shut down Interstate 85 and attacked terrified motorists. A horrified female truck driver told a reporter thugs had boarded the truck and were stealing the cargo and setting it ablaze.
Looters pillaged and plundered a Wal-Mart.
More than a dozen police officers were injured — along with an untold number of civilians and at least three journalists.
The mayhem started earlier in the day after a black police officer shot and killed an armed black man. The dead man’s family disputes the police department’s account of what happened.
Regardless, that does not give agitators a right to engage in acts of domestic terrorism.
I’d like for someone to explain to me how looting a Wal-Mart and shutting down a major interstate advances their cause.
Since 2008 our nation has been rocked with political and racial unrest. But it should come as no surprise.
This is what happens when a nation elects a community organizer to the highest office in the land. This is what a fundamentally transformed nation looks like.

Democrats deliberately foment hatred, and they don’t care who gets hurt, just so long as they can exploit hatred to elect Hillary Clinton.


UPDATE: @Instapundit is back: “They reinstated me on the condition that I delete the offending tweet.” Yes, they did that to me a couple of times before I was finally banished to the gulag.



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