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Yes, #BlackLivesMatter Is About Hate

Posted on | September 23, 2016 | 3 Comments

“With Election Day only weeks away, it is possible the chaos in the Tarheel State is part of a left-wing get-out-the-vote effort to foment unrest in the state’s black communities. . . .
“Riots, of course, are the stock in trade of radical speculator George Soros, the preeminent funder of the Left who has given generously to Black Lives Matter. Soros has a long history of underwriting violence and civil unrest not just in America but all over the world.”

Matthew Vadum, “Charlotte Burning,” Sept. 22, 2016

“Seriously, what are you supposed to do if an angry mob surrounds your car and you’re trapped? I guess you can sit and wait for help to arrive, and pray that help arrives in time. But when the angry mob is also trying to throw white people in fires, the help might be too busy to get there in time to save you. So really, what the hell do you do?”
The Lonely Conservative, “If Your Car Is Surrounded By A Rioting Gang Of Thugs What Do You Do?” Sept. 22, 2016

It should not be necessary, after a year of CNN-inspired race riots, to explain that #BlackLivesMatter is not a spontaneous grassroots movement about curbing police brutality. The movement launched last year is led by professional activists, funded by a network of “progressive” tax-exempt foundations (connected to billionaire George Soros) in consultation with Democrat Party operatives. A major goal of #BlackLivesMatter is purely political — i.e., driving black voter turnout to help elect Hillary Clinton and other Democrats — and also to influence public policy, to undermine law enforcement and, arguably, to infringe free speech protections. (Glenn Reynolds has been suspended from USA Today for his “run them down” tweet.) By inciting riots in the black community, the Left simultaneously incites fear in the white community, and when white people condemn the kind of criminal violence #BlackLivesMatter inspires — first in Ferguson, then in Baltimore, most recently in Charlotte — this response is labeled “racism.” No one can credibly claim Professor Reynolds is a racist, and yet his “run them down” tweet made him a target of the Thought Police, and the online progressive bully mob turned its rage against him. Thus are the limits of discourse increasingly narrowed in a way that favors the Democrat Party.

This is not an accident.

These consequences of the #BlackLivesMatter movement — which the Democrat Party’s media machine, particularly CNN, have helped promote — were predictable, and it is therefore not a paranoid “conspiracy theory” to assume that these consequences are entirely intentional. It would be naïve in the extreme to suppose that the professional activists who descended on Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2014 didn’t know what they were doing, or what the results would be. Militant anarchists produce violent chaos, racial mau-mauing begets hostility, and history provides enough lessons about where such movements lead that only fools could believe that the sponsors of #BlackLivesMatter (including CNN and the Democrat Party) did not foresee the consequences.


That message to truck drivers (including my brother Kirby) to “avoid the area near I85 and I77 if at all possible” was sent out Wednesday night after a criminal mob descended on the freeway in downtown Charlotte, intent on perpetrating violence. As Professor Reynolds pointed out in his statement to USA Today, his “run them down” tweet was in response to a local TV reporter’s interview with a driver whose truck had been looted by the vandal horde: “She is still inside her truck as people loot her cargo and burn it. She fears for her life. . . . ‘I understand they want to make a statement but they are hurting innocent people trying to make a living.’ . . . This was an absolutely horrifying interview. She kept asking me where police are. She’s trapped inside as people destroy her truck and cargo.” It was this threat to an innocent civilian — a female truck driver, surrounded by a mob of dangerous thugs, with no police protection amid the violent riot #BlackLivesMatter activists had deliberately provoked — that brought back a vivid memory of the past for Professor Reynolds: “I remember Reginald Denny, a truck driver who was beaten nearly to death by a mob during the 1992 Los Angeles riots.”


Young people have no memory of the 1992 riots, which were arguably caused by CNN’s dishonest editing of the video in which Rodney King was arrested by Los Angeles police. If you watched the full-length video, and knew that Rodney King was under the influence of PCP at the time he was confronted by police after a high-speed pursuit, you realized that the baton-wielding police were dealing with a dangerously violent suspect who had already been tazed and was still resisting arrest. How are police to handcuff a suspect who is resisting arrest? When a criminal is apprehended and refuses to comply with the commands of officers armed with pistols, this always creates a life-or-death situation for police, because a struggling suspect may attempt to grab the officer’s weapon. Does “social justice” require police suffer death or injury rather than to use their batons to subdue a violent criminal? This was what anyone with common sense could see, once the full video of the Rodney King arrest was shown and the relevant facts had been reported. However, because CNN had spent several days repeatedly broadcasting a deceptively edited version of the video before the full version was finally shown, they created a false impression of the situation that led to the L.A. riots in which the truck driver Reginald Denny was nearly killed.

History teaches us lessons, and anyone old enough to remember 1992 knew what the consequences of #BlackLivesMatter would be. Are we to believe that #BlackLivesMatter leaders, and their accomplices at CNN and in the Democrat Party, did not also foresee this result?


Let’s be clear that these riots are anti-cop and pro-criminal. The Charlotte riot was about the police shooting of Keith Scott:

A public records search shows that Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats.
In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated.
In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with several different crimes on different dates, including carrying a concealed weapon (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded guilty to all charges.
Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992 and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the cases is unclear.
According to Bexar County, Texas, records, Scott was sentenced in March 2005 to 15 months in a state jail for evading arrest. In July of that year, records show, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman said Scott completed his sentence and was released from prison in 2011.

Keith Scott was a career criminal with a record in three states. He had a history of armed violence. His victims included women and children. Certainly, he was not a symbolic hero of “social justice.”

#BlackLivesMatter is a racial hate movement, organized with the assistance of the Democrat Party and its media apparatus, with the goal of exploiting hatred in order to elect Hillary Clinton president.

Rioting May Tip Presidential Scales
in Crucial North Carolina

Bloomberg News

Charlotte protesters ‘hate white people,’
NC Congressman Robert Pittenger says

Charlotte News-Observer

“Run them down”? Or vote Republican. Same difference.



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