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Radical Feminist @MeghanEMurphy Confronts the Transgender Menace

Posted on | October 28, 2016 | 3 Comments


Having often mocked the notorious Canadian man-hater Meghan Murphy, I am rather amused that she has (belatedly) realized that facts and logic might be rather important, even for Canadian feminists:

On [Oct. 19], the [Canadian] House of Commons voted by a margin of 248 to 40 to pass Bill C-16 at second reading. If passed at the Senate, the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code will be amended to add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination. This all sounds positive, but there are some key issues that are being ignored as gender identity legislation and policies are being instituted across Canada. . . .

(The “human rights” regime in Canada is stealth totalitarianism, an affront to basic rights of free speech, but continue, Ms. Murphy . . .)

While the media has framed the debate around gender identity as one of left vs. right, there is a key perspective that is missing from the conversation: the feminist one.
Preventing discrimination is something most of us want to support, but incorporating notions of “gender identity” and “gender expression” into Canadian legislation is not a progressive step. In our desire to be open-minded and inclusive, we have failed to consider how this move poses a risk to sex-based protections for women and girls. . . .

(Oh, now she’s in favor of “sex-based protections for women and girls,” which suggests that feminism’s goal of androgynous “equality” was always a mirage, but please continue, Ms. Murphy . . .)

After University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson complained about what he called, “political correctness,” having to use gender-neutral pronouns in class, and Bill C-16, students and professors alike spoke out. U of T students staged a “teach-in and rally” in order to “fight transphobia, intersexism, and nonbinary erasure in post-secondary education” and over 250 faculty members signed a letter associating Peterson’s comments with “hate speech.” Just last week administrators ordered Peterson to “stop making statements that could be considered discriminatory under provincial human rights legislation.”
News media across Canada have covered this controversy and the gender identity debate with enthusiasm. But they’ve also covered in inaccurately, creating a narrative that presents white, conservative, anti-feminist men as the dissenters and young, hip, lefties as supporters. . . .

You can read the whole thing. Ms. Murphy is correct in opposing this “gender identity” legislation, but she and her Canadian feminist comrades have been so wrong about so many things over the years that now, when “gender identity” may put women and girls at risk in public toilets, feminists find their “progressive” allies aren’t listening. Instead, they find the identity-politics mentality (which feminists have exploited relentlessly for decades) is now turned against them, so that feminists are accused of bigotry (“cissexism” and “transmisogyny”) when they point out that humans with XY chromosomes and penises are not women.


Readers may wonder, “What does this have to do with spotted owls?”

Environmentalists were willing to destroy 30,000 jobs, and reduce timber production by 80% to save a f–king bird. On the basis of an assertion that “old-growth habitat” was the only place this particular owl subspecies could survive, tens of thousands of loggers, truckers and timber-mill workers lost their jobs, and never mind those who pointed out that spotted owls were never in danger of extinction, but merely “threatened” according to some rather ambiguous standard of the owl population by environmentalists . . .
There are still more than 2,300 pairs (i.e., upwards of 4,500 birds) of this subspecies, even according to the radical kooks at Defenders of Wildlife, so the obvious question is, “How many spotted owls is enough?” . . .

You can read the rest of that. Spotted owls became a mascot to environmentalists, a group of people sincerely devoted to very bad ideas. The sincerity of their allegedly good intentions — “Save the planet!” — permitted environmentalists to ignore the harmful impact of their ideas. Who cares about about a bunch of redneck loggers and timber-mill employees, when Nature is at risk? Just as the tree-huggers made an idol of Nature, so also have feminists made an idol of Equality, and yet now these devotees of Equality are surprised that the Cult of Social Justice won’t listen to facts and logic when it comes to the safety of women. “Human rights” in Canada turns out to be a strangely malleable weapon, useful to any group (except heterosexual white male Christians) which can exploit claims of “oppression” to obtain power to silence their critics.



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