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Political Analysis From Feminist Tumblr

Posted on | November 16, 2016 | 3 Comments

Crazy Number One:

I feel like the key White Pathology that explains Trump is this idea that everything in life is graded on a curve, not just wanting to have good things, but to have MORE of those things than other people. A pathology that’s both the opposite of stronger together and the opposite of the Lake Wobegon Effect. . . . (blah blah blah)

Crazy Number Two:

I can personally testify that a lot of people who tend to vote Republican in general have this weird-to-me tendency to fret about the possibility that someone, somewhere might be getting money, resources, or a lucky break that they “don’t deserve.” This is different from the worry that a less “deserving” person might take something away from a more “deserving” person. Even if no one loses anything, and there’s plenty to go around, they’ll get worried and indignant that someone might get more than they “deserve.” . . . (blah blah blah)

Crazy Number Three:

this makes me think a lot about Weber and the growth of capitalism-as-ethics in the wake of the Reformation. . . . .

Blah blah blah.

What is missing from this discourse? Well, yes — sanity, of course. However, notice that the entire premise is that there can be no rational reason why any American would not vote for Hillary Clinton. Therefore, the discussion begins with the assertion that only “White Pathology” can explain Donald Trump’s election, and therefore the assumption of Republican irrationality is built into the conversation, while all Democrat voters are presumed to be as wise and empirical as Mister Spock. So our friends from Feminist Tumblr are qualified to act as psychoanalytic interpreters of “White Pathology.” People who don’t vote for Democrats are bad people, according to these Genius Experts™ who then proceed to explain (to each other, and a few hundred other Tumblrinas) what’s wrong with white people. Of course, I’d bet $20 that every one of these Genius Experts™ is also white, probably 20-something liberal arts majors whose qualifications to act as political analysts are . . . Well, what exactly?

Hey, I’ve got an idea — instead of a bunch of liberal arts majors playing armchair psychiatrists, let’s take a look what are known as “facts”:

Trump added to Romney’s totals in several key states, while Clinton generally lost votes compared to Obama in 2012:

Iowa: Trump by 148,000 votes (9.6 points)
Trump: 68,000 more votes than Romney
Clinton: 172,000 fewer votes than Obama

Michigan: Trump by 12,000 votes (0.3 points)
Trump: 164,000 more votes than Romney
Clinton 297,000 fewer votes than Obama

Ohio: Trump by 455,000 votes (8.6 points)
Trump: 111,000 more votes than Romney
Clinton: 511,000 fewer votes than Obama

Pennsylvania: Trump by 68,000 (1.2 points)
Trump: 223,000 more votes than Romney
Clinton: 155,000 fewer votes fewer than Obama

Wisconsin: Trump by 27,000 votes (1.0 points)
Trump: 1,500 more votes than Romney
Clinton 238,000 fewer votes than Obama

Is it possible to explain why this happened? Well, let’s listen to Mark Steyn, who has a few years of professional experience in such matters:

The problem for the left is that, when everyone’s Hitler, nobody’s Hitler.
At which point, enter the Teflon Pussygrabber.

Maybe you should read the whole thing, because Steyn isn’t some idle young liberal arts major with a Tumblr blog, but a man deeply familiar with politics, and with years of successful experience in explaining stuff. The problem with the Tumblrinas is that they spend almost zero time reading conservative writers, but rather tend to read what liberals write about conservatives. Consider that I’m sitting here with a stack of radical feminist books on my desk — I just spent an entire hour skimming through Lucy Irigaray, OK? — which is necessary, if one wishes to truly understand feminism. Yet I can guarantee you that not a one of these Tumblr Feminist pundits has ever bothered to read Mark Steyn, or Richard Weaver, Friedrich Hayek, Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter, et al.

Liberals are simply ignorant, yet begin all their arguments with the baseless assumption that they are intellectually superior to others. Come to think of it, maybe that’s the real reason Hillary lost the election.




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