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Paranoid Democrat Cancels Annual Holiday Party, Blames Trump/Hitler

Posted on | December 28, 2016 | 3 Comments


“Henry Rosen has been a Dallas resident for nearly 40 years,” reads the caption at the Daily Kos column headlined, “Why Trump voters are not welcome in my house this holiday,” which is full-on paranoia:

My wife Alice and I are not having our after-the-holidays party this year. It’s a 20+ year tradition; a welcome respite for our friends following Christmas and Hanukah. Guests always say how much they appreciate a party after the holidays and having a chance to finally relax.
This year, however, I told my Alice that Trump voters were not welcome in my home. Living in Dallas, Texas, and given the conservative bent of our friends, that meant no party. . . .
I thought perhaps that Trump the President, might be chastened by the awesome responsibility he was about to assume – and leave behind the toxicity of his campaign rhetoric. Then, in rapid succession, three things happened that changed my mind.
First, Trump announced that Steve Bannon, of Breitbart infamy, would become a senior White House advisor. To invite such a purveyor of lies, hate and bigotry to work inside the hallowed gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was beyond the pale.
Then, my company’s COO, a Chinese American, told me how his small children were distraught, and in tears that morning. Children in their preschool had bullied them with comments such as: “your father is going to be killed because he didn’t vote for Trump”, and “you are going to be kicked out of the country”. This in Coppell, Texas, a wealthy suburb. These remarks were directed at third generation American citizens, by small children, obviously channeling their parents.
The next day, another friend relayed the anti-Semitism that was unleashed at Highland Park High School, ranked in the top 1% of all Texas public high schools. His son had become subject to taunts such as: “why don’t you go to Auschwitz?” and “take a shower, Jew boy”. These were teenagers, but we know where those sentiments originated. . . .

You can read the whole thing. The claim that Steve Bannon is “beyond the pale” is a dishonest myth created by the liberal media. To blame Trump for every rude thing said by schoolchildren is simply insane. What crimes could be blamed on Obama, if we were to say that presidents are responsible for every bad thing that happens during their tenure? Is Obama to blame for people having sex with dogs?

Democrats, who were perhaps not entirely sane before the election, have become completely unhinged in its aftermath. What can we expect from this growing epidemic of Trump Derangement Syndrome?






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