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Unhinged by Hate: Georgetown Professor Harasses Trump Voter @AsraNomani

Posted on | December 28, 2016 | 1 Comment


The paranoid rage, anxiety and depression within the Democrat Party in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s defeat has been most intense inside elite academia. At Yale University, students were reportedly traumatized by the election results, a Rutgers University professor was sent to a mental ward after his bizarre Twitter rant, and a Women’s Studies professor at the University of New Hampshire accused Trump supporters of “terrorism.” Universities have become insane asylums run by lunatics.

Georgetown Professor Christine Fair (left) lashed out at Asra Nomani (right).

Georgetown University Professor Christine Fair is, among other things, a member of the International Institute of Strategic Studies and the Council on Foreign Relations, and also, a deranged hate-filed nutjob:

A Georgetown University associate professor had a month-long meltdown after a Muslim woman explained why she voted for President-elect Donald Trump.
Asra Q. Nomani, a former Georgetown journalism professor and Wall Street Journal reporter, wrote an op-ed in The Washington Post Nov. 10 explaining why she, as a Muslim woman and “long-time liberal,” voted for Trump. “I support the Democratic Party’s position on abortion, same-sex marriage and climate change,” Nomani wrote. “But I am a single mother who can’t afford health insurance under Obamacare.”
C. Christine Fair, a previously “friendly colleague,” went on a 31-day screed against Nomani spanning across Twitter and Facebook. According to Nomani’s Dec. 23 follow-up complaint to the university, the “Peace and Security Studies” professor called her a “wretch,” “clueless dolt” and a fame-monger.
Fair also compared Trump to Adolf Hitler and asserted that Nomani’s vote for Trump “helped normalize Nazis in DC.”

After weeks of enduring Professor Fair’s online abuse, Asra Nomani complained to Georgetown on Dec. 2, and the university took no action. Then on Dec. 23, Asra Nomani sent a lengthy letter detailing Professor Fair’s abuse, which clearly violates the university’s policies. What has Georgetown done? Nothing, as Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff observes:

Georgetown has taken no action to curb Fair’s attacks, and Fair has continued to launch them. . . .
I take no position here about whether Georgetown should try to rein in its vicious associate professor. The unhinged Fair does seem like a dubious choice to be teaching America’s future diplomats, but that’s Georgetown’s call.
My point is that there’s probably not a major university in America that would stand by while one of its professors spewed Fair’s kind of venom against a Muslim-American — venom that includes questioning the Muslim’s religious sincerity. Unless the target had strayed from left-liberal orthodoxy.

Georgetown University, like nearly every other institution of higher education in America, is controlled by left-wing Democrats, who use their institutional authority for partisan political purposes. It is impossible even to imagine a Republican being hired as a professor at Georgetown, but if there were an avowed GOP supporter on the faculty, can anyone imagine the university would tolerate such behavior by them? However, because Georgetown is run by Democrats, Professor Fair is permitted to abuse and harass her former colleague, Asra Nomani, with the complete approval of the university’s partisan administration.




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