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Berkeley Student Activist Pablo Gomez Charged With Homicide, Stabbing

Posted on | January 9, 2017 | 3 Comments


From Chuck Johnson’s

Pablo Gomez, Jr., the first murder suspect of 2017 in the city of Berkeley, California, is a transsexual or “queer”, pro-Palestine, #BlackLivesMatter-supporting UC Berkeley student and “social justice warrior” (SJW), who is apparently studying “Chicanx/Latinx Studies.”

Local news site Berkeleyside edited its story after a friend of the suspect contacted the editors to say Gomez uses “they/them” pronouns.




Gomez had been an activist with Alliance for Climate Education, but the group locked access to their pages about his activism after he was charged with stabbing a woman and murdering an unidentified person:

A suspect in a Berkeley homicide on Friday is in custody, police said Saturday.
A watch commander with Berkeley police received a call at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday from Burbank police who said 24-year-old North Hollywood resident Pablo Gomez Jr. was in custody.
Gomez is the primary suspect in the homicide and also a stabbing on the same day, according to police.
At about 11:42 a.m. Friday, police responded to a call about a stabbing in the 2600 block of Ridge Road in Berkeley.
Upon arrival, officers found a woman seriously wounded, as well as the person who called police on her behalf, police said.
Officers provided medical attention until the Berkeley Fire Department arrived and transported her to a hospital, where she is receiving treatment and was listed in stable condition Friday night.
During the investigation, officers were led to an address in the 2400 block of Ashby Avenue.
According to police, evidence at the scene clearly indicated a violent crime had occurred there.
Much later, the body of an unidentified person was discovered, police said.
Police have not released the name of the homicide victim.

Gomez began blogging at the site in 2011, but archives for his blog show he has been inactive on Tumblr since March. In 2016, Gomez’s activism seemed to shift toward supporting “Black Lives Matter.” In July, he posted a rant to Facebook about how “infuriating” it is that people were “not getting” what he called “a legacy of anti-Blackness” in America, the causes of which he listed as “colonialism,” “cisheteropatriarchy,” “capitalism” and “imperialism,” among others.


That message was posted the same day Gomez posted this:

I am currently sitting on the Oakland Freeway with thousands of folks who are committed to staying here until the Mayor and Police Commissioner join us. Our demands at this moment stand to disarm the police and work to abolish our current police structure. Our demands will not stop at abolishing the police. We will transform every structure that is posioned [sic] by a toxic whiteness that threatens Black lives every day. No one is free until we’re all free.


Police in Berkeley have said nothing about the motive for the violent crimes with which the “social justice” activist Pablo Gomez Jr. is charged.

UPDATE: Police have not yet officially identified the victim in Friday’s murder, but it is reported that the young woman whom Gomez is accused of killing was Emilie Inman, who taught science to children at Sienna Ranch, an educational site about 15 miles east of Berkeley.


Ms. Inman majored in environmental studies at the University of California-Santa Cruz and believed “inspiring a healthy and sustainable connection to self and the earth through education is her life path.”




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